Author Topic: how did RENdezvous go?  (Read 8103 times)

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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #15 on: June 06, 2008, 02:19:49 PM »
 I had the best time ever!  Twas fun to be the surprise! How did we keep that secret- not easy!
I Loved meeting all of you- I HOPE I met everyone!
 Big thanks to Nickie and Wenchie and Scotsman, Athena, Renee and Stephen ,Lavender, Lord Jarhead, Old Tinker and Belle, Alphonse and Tremayne,  Count Adolfo,Lady Guiness and John- and all of you for treating me Royally! And Send Daniels! Grammercy for your service on Monday! I needed that! ( Not the Rain Moon- the  Royal backrub!) LOL!
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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #16 on: June 06, 2008, 05:09:30 PM »
Queen Bonnie's arrival at Rendezvous had to be the best kept secret since the Manhatten Project.
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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #17 on: June 06, 2008, 05:41:38 PM »
See? I can keep a secret if I absolutely have to!

I say we do it all over again for Quart-ETTE next May!
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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #18 on: June 06, 2008, 05:47:44 PM »
See? I can keep a secret if I absolutely have to!

I say we do it all over again for Quart-ETTE next May!

I'm ready!  It it time yet?
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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #19 on: June 07, 2008, 09:27:55 PM »
For everyone who attended the RenDevous '08 ~ Menage Ette Trois ~ M'Crack Invasion

My grateful thanks goes out to everyone who was able to participate and allowed me and Wenchie to take the lead...Again, we couldn't have done it particularly without the help of bmgjarvis and RFP (RenFairePhotog), they never technically volunteered but were ready and willling whenever we needed them to act as liaison, 10-foot pole delivery or just general people to consult with in numerous matters as the RenDevous drew closer.  Huzzah to John for his generosity and magnanimous spirit!  Huzzah to Queen Bonnie and Welsh Wench for keeping the secret of Queen Bonnie's attendance all the way since Thanksgiving of '07!  Yep, it's true, that's how long the three of us knew.  Three huzzahs go to Welsh Wench, my co-conspirator, she was absolutely my right hand and left boot in all of this. 

Much help was also given to me from Athena, Capt Bacardi (he brought the banner!), DeadBishop and Pickles.  Syrilla was of course most generous in offering QEI up as an Ette at the auction, Lady Ettie as her proxy was priceless.  Obviously, the auction was enriched by Giacomo and Craig of Farrington chose the perfect musical selection for Musical Men.  Gimli supplied us with the signable banner, Kirk and RFP were tireless photographic chroniclers of all of the events.  Festmum came up with the beautiful nametags and provided us with them.  Thanks to Louie the Horn Merchant for the use of his cart for storage.  Capt Spleen incognito as the nun with Spam was unforgettable.  Old Tinker and Belle were inspirational.  Lord Stephen insisted upon carrying the 10-foot pole and banner many times for me and he and Lady Renee were lovely additions to my household over the weekend, along with Queen Bonnie and Athena.  Gratitude must be given to Grov and the Bayou Scoundrels for taking such good care of Blue's illegitimate children and bringing them along to meet their deadbead dad.  Tremayne and Alphonse were good friends to me at times when I needed support throughout.  Thanks also to Scotsman and Lady Guiness for being the official Parking Lot Pub.  Escarlata and Leinad inviting us one and all to their handfasting was a lovely thing to do and even lovelier to witness.  LairdeGuard'nM'Crack was the perfect maitre'd at Wong's, live and unscripted!  My thanks must also go to Fairyfly, who started this whole thing originally and instigated the first Ette Invasion and managed all of Ette Tu.  Special mention goes to Jezzie McPeaks for giving us shelter in her tent during the deluge, which gave us the very unexpected and curious double ending to the entire weekend.

Of course thanks need also be given to everyone at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, the performers, merchants and vendors, for giving us this wonderful Faire to share!

This was a wonderful experience, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!  Every one of you has enriched my life and I can't thank you enough for just having been there with me through all of this. 

* Essentially cross-posted as it's own topic, with Welsh Wench's thanks as well.
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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #20 on: June 07, 2008, 10:23:31 PM »
Nothing clever to say here.  Not enough caffine yet.

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Re: how did RENdezvous go?
« Reply #21 on: June 11, 2008, 02:22:16 PM »
Wow... how many weeks have passed since RenDezvous?
It feels so long... like it's been a year.  Probably feels that way because it was so much fun that it's missed dearly.
I love the idea of this thread.  I love reading what everyone remembers most about the weekend.  It's interesting to see how RenDezvous looked from varying perspectives.

Here's a list of my fondest memories of this RenDezvous... in no particular order (since there's no way to list them in order of being favourites and there's no chance of me remembering everything chronologically):

1.  Getting a phone call from my Countess up in CT and having her talk to me for much of the trip... sacrificing her own sleep to make sure I was awake and safe.

2.  Getting a call from Brimstone Blue, who had gotten my progress text and was wondering who in Hades I was...

3.  Arriving in the wee hours to a bleary-eyed and zombified LJ wielding my hotel room key.

4.  Dragonspyre, in the parking lot, asking me if I'm wearing a red doublet and getting ready and if Falcone is wearing a purple outfit when he was just twenty or so feet away from me looking at me talking to him on my cell.

5.  Seeing Brimstone Blue and Erik the Green again!!!

6.  Neophyte introducing himself to me... as if I needed to be told who he was, considering he is one of the few who towers over me...

7.  Meeting Queen Bonnie!  Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!!!

8.  Finding out Ulfric and Lupa were in the room next to mine at the hotel

9.  Running into Molden in the hotel parking lot

10.  The comedy of errors... the inability to get the Four Horsemen in one place at one time for the better half of Saturday.

11.  The wonderful handfasting... from playing "Batman" to afford a lady privacy... to the revelry after the event with everyone sharing the splendor of the day together.

12.  The Four Horsemen Stage Show.  'nuff said

13.  Finally getting to talk to John!!!

14.  The company of a lovely lass with such a pleasant demeanour and obvious sincerity to her words.

15.  Joinin' Clan M'Crack!!!

16.  Pinnin' Erik the Green as a Rogue!!!

17.  Searching for a missing child... and how wondrously we all worked together like clockwork.

18.  Flirting with the pub wenches

19.  A nice conversation with Welsh Wench in the quiet of the glade

20.  Falcone chasing fairy women... several years his senior!

21.  Repeated phone calls from my Love.

22.  The absence of drama

23.  Seeing Conrad Killigan again!!!

24.  Cavorting with the likes of Hibernian, Scotsman and Guard'n!!!

25.  Watching Falcone woo the wee lasses

26.  Getting an opportunity to speak with SyRilla, both in and out of garb, and express my gratitude for her willingness to help out with an unfortunately aborted event.

27.  Time spent with my brother Horsemen!

28.  Falcone shooting and being shot at with marshmallows.

29.  Talking to Ironhead at length over by the pool

30.  Cider in the back!!

31.  The wondrous flasks... ohhhh... the flasks...

32.  Exy showing how much she cares... and ganging up with Erik and Blue to make sure I didn't overheat!

33.  Dragonspyre overheating... wow, guess he should have listened to them, too!!!

34.  Entertaining some wonderful patrons and their offspring.

35.  A beautiful woman who thought we were all 'cool'

36.  Seeing performers like Red and Johnny Phoenix again

37.  Getting to talk to Craig of Farrington again after all these years.

38.  Grov, Capt. Sin and the whole BS crew being right there to hang with!

39.  Falcone giving his souvenir cup to his cousin when he got home, since he didn't get to go...

40.  Gimli!  Gimli!  Gimli!

41.  Seeing Lord Jason and not confusing him with Lord Jarhead this time

42.  Getting more than ten seconds with Sean Daniels.  Good to see you, m'friend!

43.  Finally meeting Sir William... and his brother, to boot!  (and surprising him)

44.  Having Festmum tell me everybody KNOWS who I am... lol...

45.  Last, but certainly not least... the memories (even the ones I can't currently remember) that will last with me for years! 


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