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Welcome to the Knitting Thread

This thread is for everyone to post their favorite patterns, instructions, questions, or discuss.  As usual, just a few rules to help keep everything straight.

Rules for Posting

1. This thread is for the topic of Knitting ONLY. Please do not post random comments in this thread - let's try to stay on topic. Off topic posts will be deleted.

2. Please be respectful of those that take the time to post their patterns, items, and experience.

3. Have Fun!

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Irena Turnau's book History of Knitting Before Mass Production is available as a PDF from Mara Riley.

Lady Donegan:
For those who like doctor Who, here are two patterns for his famous scarves!

Lady Donegan:
For those who knit with the round looms here is a website with all kinds of Projects!

Lady Donegan:
How to Loom Knit:


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