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Title: Defenders? Protectors?
Post by: NYCGarion on April 04, 2018, 03:14:12 PM
So I've gone to the New York Renaissance Festival for many years, but last year I heard the first time about an organization for playtrons called maybe the Defenders? Or the Protectors? Or something similar. Anyone familiar with it? Sounds something like the guild concept at other faires. Would love to learn more from someone "in the know".

Title: Re: Defenders? Protectors?
Post by: Jay Byrd on April 06, 2018, 06:36:10 AM
Welcome and well met Sir!  I have gone to the NY Ren Faire for years and I know of a playtron group called the Friends of Faire.  They assist and carry water for performers and have an area where they get to hang out.  Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself will chime in here and help.  There is not a lot of action here on the boards, but this section never was the most active.  Check their website or other social media sites and look for Friends of Faire.  Hope that helps.

Jay Byrd