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Title: Assassins: Weekend Two
Post by: BeerBlessings on July 07, 2008, 11:27:40 PM
Not sure if any of you will be up for playing, but just in case.... Cross-posted from Trevor's boards, Medieval Mayhem...


Episode Two: Medieval Fantasy

A long time ago (okay, two days or so) in a shire far, far away (Okay, not that far away....)... God said "Let there be Game". And there was. And it was good. But not perfect. So here's version 2.0!

Assassins.. You sign up for $2. You get an assignment. You are given a dagger of sticky-backed felt. You must assassinate your assignment by tagging them with said dagger. When you do, your target gives you their current assignment, which then becomes yours. This continues until the weekend runs out, or there is only one person left.

The game starts at noon on Saturday, and is put on pause at the beginning of Pub Sing on Saturday. The game resumes at 10:30 AM on Sunday, giving people time to disperse in the shire, and continues until Pub Sing Sunday.

When you arrive at the Faire, go to the Pickle Grove to receive your assignment. You must check in by 2:30 Saturday, or we skip you and give your target to the person hunting you.

If you are eliminated from the game, check in at the Pickle Grove, and notify the Goddesses.

As long as there is a clear winner, that person determines which charity all the money is donated to. If there is no clear winner, the money will be donated to the default charity:

the R.E.S.C.U. Foundation
(Renassaince Entertainers, Services, and Crafters United)


1) THE GOLDEN RULE! DO NOT INTERFERE WITH OTHER PATRONS! If we get complaints, we will discontinue the game.

2) You must be in Garb to play!

3) Assassinations of people on their way to the Pickle Grove before they check in DO NOT COUNT!

4) The Pickle Grove has always been Sanctuary, and will remain as such. There is a Safe Zone within twenty feet of the Pickle Grove. You can check in on the game without worry of getting tagged, and while you're at it, snag some of those delicious drinks!

5) To prevent "camping" outside the Safe Zone, anyone leaving the Safe Zone has five minutes during which they cannot be tagged. This gives people time to disperse after checking in.

6) Areas within ten feet of privies are off limits. We may pee in peace.

7) Also off limits is in line for, ordering, or waiting for food and/or drink. Other patrons, people working the food booths, and our favorite pub wenches will thank you for the lack if interruptions.

7B) Food courts are IN... Drinking pub-side is IN... Once you have your refreshments in your possession, and are away from the counter, you're faire game!

8) Actively working is off limits. (Hawking CD's during a show, Carrying a banner in Parade, etc.) This game is not as important as someone's livelihood.

9) The most important off-limits is within 20 feet of the audience during a show, up to 5 minutes after the show. Do not interrupt a show, and please give the performers time to get their tips as they need the money.

10) SAFETY OF ALL, ESPECIALLY PATRONS: No running! .. Just have to spell it out, because it'll be all too tempting to go on a chase from the Rock to Chess Stage.

As several cast members have asked to be included, we are including rules for dealing with cast! There are two additional restrictions for cast, but this is balanced by the ease with which to find them.

11)  Cast are off-limits from 15 minutes before parade to 15 minutes after Chess Match. They are busy putting on a great show, and we shall not interrupt.

12) Cast are off-limits during a bit. ESPECIALLY if it involves an enchanted child!

Anyone (in or out of the game) can place a Bounty on any player in the game, including themselves. We ask for a $1 donation to place a Bounty, to generate more money for charity. Bounties can be anything from a legal beverage, to a Faire CD, some item, or even doing the chicken dance in front of a group of spectators.

To Sign Up, we need your real name, your Board name, any "Faire name" you go by, and your chosen charity. You put in your $2 when you pick up your assignment on Saturday.

Either reply to this thread, or PM me. Sign-ups end Thursday night at 11:59PM.

So come on! $2 to go to a good cause, and a lot of fun! Plus, you may even get to meet other Rennies you have not yet met!

Go ahead. Get felt. I know you want to.

Note: These rules may be altered some over the next couple days dependent on additional feedback.
Title: Re: Assassins: Weekend Two
Post by: GypsyWriter on July 15, 2008, 08:56:03 AM
I played on Saturday this past week end, and I think this game could be a lot of fun.  The more people who give it a try, the better it will probably be.  The rules look intimidating, but it's really not that complicated:

Figure out who your target is while trying to avoid being tagged.  Be fair--you can't tag someone who's sitting down to eat, performing a bit, or checking in for stats.

It added a little interest to my day on Saturday and I met a couple of nice folks that I hadn't met before.
Title: Re: Assassins: Weekend Two
Post by: BeerBlessings on July 16, 2008, 08:30:37 PM

FOod courts are actually in now.. Someone suggested that, since it's hard to determine if people are eating, or just sitting down for a bit... Being in line is out, but once you're away from the counter, you're fair game...

I won't be there this weekend, so if you are interested, please go to and post your information..

Also, assignments will be a bit different for weekend three.. There will be a list generated. Look up your name on the list, and your target is the next person on the list. And yes, the person above you is who is after you, so you know who to try to avoid!! We're trying this variant to see which version people like better..