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Title: Suggestions Needed
Post by: Kymberleigh on September 13, 2010, 08:50:28 PM
My friends and I will be visiting your shire for the second year this coming weekend.  Due to scheduling craziness three of us will be visiting on both Saturday and Sunday whilst two others will be joining us one on Sat, one on Sunday (must . . not  . . strangle . . friends).  This will be the first time that any of us have visited a Faire on two consecutive days.  Any suggestions on what to see and how to space things out so we don’t see/do too much Saturday leaving Sunday a day of repeats?  If it’s any help on Saturday the fourth person will be a guy, and Sunday it will be a girl.
Title: Re: Suggestions Needed
Post by: Docamor on September 14, 2010, 07:08:09 AM
Well Met Kymberleigh!!

We do doubt that you shall have any difficulty due to "repeats" on the second day of your sojourn at our shire.  In all sincerity, we find all of our stage shows enjoyable and have seen many of them more than once.  Many of our stage acts feed off the energy of the audience and interact heavily with the audience, so that every performance has a very different feel to it.  We do indeed have our favorites as should all Kings.  It is our belief that you will be able to attend a representative number of shows on both days without the French problem, "deja vu." (

When not viewing shows, there is wonderful shopping to be had upon the shire with many unique and interesting crafts created by artisans there on the shire.  There be stained glass artisans, leather artisans, glassblowers, clothiers, jewelers, perfumers, purveyors of weaponry, and many others that are unique.  With some three odd months til Christmas, tis a great time to pick up the unique gift for the unique individual.

And of course, we have saved the best for last.  THE FOOD!!!! There be many things to choose from, tastes for any palate.   Of course a cold ale or glass of wine to wash it all down with is also available. And then there is dessert.  We have a very wonderful bakery upon our shire.  Our court often skips our meals and goes directly to dessert!!  My Royal Self can attest to the magnificence of the Tiramisu!!

And with all the wonderous things to do, we do yet have but one final request....a Royal Command in actuality.   Thou must attend the 3:15 Peasant Dance which be located in the grassy area betwixt the "Sky Chairs" and Sotherden Art Glass.  Her Majesty would to hunt you down and drag you there were you to not attend and thusly offend our Royal Selves.

We do indeed look forward to your visit!

Henri Rex
Title: Re: Suggestions Needed
Post by: Kymberleigh on September 17, 2010, 05:15:18 PM
Thank you very much for your reply.  My friends and i know no matter what we will all have a great time this weekend.  I cannot wait till tomorrow.  I, and my friends, will defiantly be at the peasants dance since I do not want to offend the royals!  Thank you again for the suggestions.