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Title: What a Wonderful Faire!
Post by: Lady Renee Buchanan on May 29, 2012, 07:45:01 PM
We just got back from our Memorial weekend visit to the OK Renaissance Festival.  It was magnificent!  All 4 of us loved this faire!

In all our travels, we decided this faire had the friendliest merchants, cast, and court.  Every person who worked there in any capacity never said a negative word, always had  a huge smile on their faces, and did whatever they could to assist visitors who needed help getting from one venue to another.  The prices for food and drink were very fair, the selection of merchandise was of excellent quality and very impressively priced for what you received, and the entertainment was excellent. 

Another thing that really impressed was the owner is very hands-on.  He walked around the faire the entire weekend and participated in the events.  We spoke to him 3 different times, once for quite a while, and he actually remembered us (or acted like he did, but he really remembered we were from Galena, so I think he might have remembered us).  He was always smiling, and you could tell he was truly having a great time.

Also I was very appreciative of all the shady and breezy places to rest, as I was really wilting from the heat.  We spent a lot of time upstairs from the pub at the joust field (where the winery was) sitting at the tables while a beautiful cross breeze blew.  And even though it was brutally hot for me, I made it through the whole weekend without ending up in first aid!  What really made me laugh is that the locals we met told us this was one of the cooler Memorial weekends they could remember (between 96 to 98 every day!).

It was great to meet Archer, alas on the final day, but we did get to meet at last!

The only downside is that Muskogee is a 10 hour drive each way for us, so annual visits aren't do-able for us, but we hope to visit again down the road.

And for everyone else --  put this on your faire bucket list for sure.  It's absolutely great!!!!   ;D
Title: Re: What a Wonderful Faire!
Post by: Archer on May 30, 2012, 08:42:54 AM
Very kind words and we are pleased that you enjoyed our shire.   Lots of fun per square foot at the Castle.  Here be ye proof of attendance and the meeting with Sir Owain Archer and a few of his crew.

Title: Re: What a Wonderful Faire!
Post by: LadyVal on June 01, 2012, 11:34:40 PM
Lady Renee, I saw you at the faire, although I couldn't place where I knew you from until after the fact. It was at the Bedlam Bards show, late morning on Monday. Glad that you enjoyed yourself, I absolutely love Castleton!!
Title: Re: What a Wonderful Faire!
Post by: Lady Renee Buchanan on June 02, 2012, 10:41:09 AM
Sorry we missed each other!  Someday, we plan another trip back (10 hours each way is too far for a yearly visit though) and we will be sure to meet up!