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Title: Another issue in my life
Post by: WindChime on November 17, 2013, 05:34:17 PM
Well I didn't think my life could get any more complicated and then it hit me.

On July 25th when my doctor was doing his morning rounds he didn't like how I was having issues breathing and not knowing that my one nurse was convinced that my brace was suppose to be up way higher then it should of it was not allowing me to breath properly. He sent me for a CT scan to check for a blood clot and not very long after I got back into the room he came back news I never thought I would here. I didn't have a blood clot but they did find a lump in my left breast. At  first he wasn't to worried until I said I have a family history of cancer, to my knowledge no breast cancer. So he said he was going to see if a certain doctor was on site to talk with me and not even 30 minutes later she walked into my room and started discussing all the steps she wanted to take for all the new test I had to get. She was hoping it was just a fatty cyst and I would be fine.

So I got a mammogram and a ultrasound done a few days after I got out of the hospital and the person who looked at all the images with me said he was concerned since I had calcium clusters all around the lump and said I would have to get a biopsy no matter what he thought because they have to make sure if it has any cancer cells in it or not. I started to laugh and the one lady told me not to worry we will work threw all of this as she was rubbing my arm, I looked at her and said I wasn't crying and that I don't have time for this shiner bock.

I got my biopsy on August 14th and was surprised at how much I didn't feel, they kept saying I would feel some pressure and he honestly numbed me so well I didn't feel anything till the next morning. They did 4 of the normal biopsies and the sound reminded me of the noise the ear piercing gun makes when I use to work at my old job and then they did 1 of a special type biopsy where they tested the calcium deposits in there as well. They told me when everything was done with I would get a call by Monday the latest.

Well on August 15th, 2013 I got a call from the the doctor and in my head I knew it would be bad because they never call the day after a test for anything. They listed off what it was called and I still have no clue but in normal people speak I have BREAST CANCER. All I said was I don't have time for this shiner bock again, my biggest renaissance faire opens in 2 weeks, my shop is empty and I'm healing already from my spine surgery.

I meet with my Oncologist on August 19th and we talked about what the goal is for my treatments and set me up with my Chemo doctor  and she sent me for a MRI. On Sept. 5th I meet my chemo doctor and found out I have a very common form of breast cancer, it is stage 1 and my lump is about a 1/2" in size. I was told I will do chemo every 3 weeks for 6 months. I had my port put in on Sept. 19th so it will be easier then trying to play lets find a vein game every time.

My first chemo treatment was Sept. 23rd and on the 24th I had to get my aftercare shot and on Sept. 30th had my first blood work done and found out that I lost 18 pounds. The doctor wasn't thrilled with my iron count so I had to get 10 treatments (which I will finish on Oct. 28 yeah). My second chemo was on Oct. 15th with the shot the day after on the 16th and my blood work done on Oct. 23rd. I wasn't having much hair loss until Oct. 7th and by Oct. 18th I was getting really bad headaches that my mom suggested that I just get it shaved off. My headache was gone an hour later thankfully.

My last treatment was on Nov. 4th, then on the 5th they gave me my after shot & the flu shot ( dead virus type ) and boy did it knock me threw a loop. I had never had a flu shot before so it was a bad combination that I have had to deal with for over a week now.

So far I have had more good days then bad.  I just keep telling myself that I don't have time for this and spend a bunch more time crafting and making stock for the next show which is actually a 3 day belly dance show the weekend before Thanksgiving and then the first 2 weekends in December I have a Dickens Festival show at the Kentucky Renaissance festival. The good thing is I have some great friends that have volunteered to help me out with these shows so I won't have to be there alone or overworked, because I'm to stubborn to not do these shows. They are to much fun and I need fun things to do in my life right now.

My next treatment will be on Nov. 25 this will be my 4th on and I will have 2 left after this one.

I am so loving my henna tattoo that my friend did for me on closing day of the faire on Sunday, my new hat collection, head scarf collection and my rainbow braided wig that I will be wearing every now and then. I don't even mind going without anything on my head unless Leila ( my 4 year old niece ) is around, then she likes me to keep it covered. She was at the house Thursday and I showed her my shaved head and she announced to everyone that she has hair and then she told me to cover it.

Again I'm not sick, I'm a fighter
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: Lady Renee Buchanan on November 17, 2013, 05:41:19 PM
I am sorry to hear this bad news.  You will be in my prayers. 

You have a good attitude, and that is very important.  And also, the good news is that it was small and caught early.  Based on the dates, you are over half way through and sound like you are dealing with this in a positive way.

Here's to a complete, speedy recovery.
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: PollyPoPo on November 18, 2013, 05:08:59 PM
Windchime, our thoughts are with you.

My Daughter is like you, a fighter.  Before her hair even began to thin, her husband was researching all sorts of headgear for her on-line.  Being a man, he naturally wants to fix things, but in this case, there's not much he can do, but boy was he working hard to getting just the right scarves, turbans and the like.

She shaved her head and had an intricate henna applied the same weekend.  It was the first time most people at work knew her battle and she was amazed how many other women are in this fight and how many are winning.

As you've found, once you take control of this shiner bock, smack it upside the head, you do what's necessary to come out on the other side.   

Huzzah!!  Onward!!! 
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: Rani Zemirah on November 19, 2013, 02:35:19 AM
(HUGS)  I wish sooooo much that you weren't having to go through this!  I am glad, however, that it was caught so early, that there are so many options for treatment these days, and that the recovery rate has gone up so very much in the last decade, even, that you have very good odds of sailing through this with flying colors!  I KNOW you are a fighter... and what's more... you are a WINNER!  You are FIERCE, and not willing to give this thing any more of your time than you have to, and that is exactly the attitude that will carry you through... along with lots of loving support from your friends and family. 

I think maybe one of the best suggestions my doc ever gave me during chemo (in my opinion, anyway) was to eat plenty of BACON!  It will help keep your protein levels up, and it was about the only thing that still tasted the way it was supposed to.  I had blt's with crispy bacon whenever I wanted one, and it did seem to help.  So even if bacon isn't your thing, find something that is, and enjoy it!  And keep us posted on what's going on with your treatments, please!  <3 
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: WindChime on February 06, 2014, 08:31:06 PM
I finished my chemo on Jan. 6th and now I have started the last 11 treatments of my one medication. I have meet with two different plastic / reconstruction surgeons and have chosen which office I will go with because they treated me like I was a human being.

On February 13th I will be going in for a surgery on the lymph nodes on the left side of my left breast since that is the one with the cancer in it. As long as the node test comes back with no signs of cancer in it I can continue on to the next surgery without making it two different days for the procedures.

If the nodes come back with cancer then I will have one more surgery then on to radiation to hopefully kill the rest of the cancer out of me.

On February 20th I will be going in to have a double mastectomy to get the cancer out of me and if my lymph nodes are clear I will also be getting my reconstruction done that day. the great thing about this is I will be getting a tummy tuck as well since they are using the excess skin from my 150 pound weight loss to reconstruct my breast with.   
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: PollyPoPo on February 07, 2014, 07:00:27 AM
For each of us it is a different road, some more rocky than others. 

My thoughts are with you, Windchime. 

Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: Rani Zemirah on February 08, 2014, 04:30:03 AM
Huzzah for the bonus tummy tuck!  And you know I will be praying that ALL of the news is the best it can possibly be, and sending you as much healing and protective energy as I can possibly push, as well!  Your attitude is wonderful, and you are looking forward, and that is the best way to approach the hard stuff... so I believe you are going to come through all of this with your strength and sense of self intact, and you will continue being the vital, positive, happy woman you have always been!  (((HUGS))) and lots of love, dear! 
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: WindChime on March 01, 2014, 12:30:59 AM
On February 13th I had my lymph node surgery and my doctor took out 4 nodes to be tested to see if my cancers had spread. I found out earlier in February that I in fact have 2 different types of breast cancers. The lump is 1 and the calcification's that they also found had a different type of cancer cells in it.

All of the nodes came back clean with no cancer cells in them so when I have my double mastectomy surgery, they can also do my reconstruction at the same instead of waiting because I would of had to do a round of radiation first.

On Thursday February 20th I went into the hospital at 6am for surgery at about 8am and my dad said that the last of my doctors came out to talk to him between 4:30 - 5pm. I underwent a double mastectomy, deep vein flap ( they removed skin, tissue & fat from my tummy and use it for the reconstruction part ), the double reconstruction of my breast and a tummy tuck since they have to close the wound on my tummy. After they got the proper placement of the pain filled drains in my tummy area they finally closed me up and put me in the post op room. I found out Monday from my morning nurse I was keeping the staff back there very well entertained by telling them that I have fingers, toes and boobies and god only know what else. She said I was the bright spot in her day at how funny I am medicated so much. I was finally rolled up to my room at 8:30pm that evening. Apparently sometime that night before my dad left I announced to him and my boyfriend that I have boobies.

I came home on Monday Feb. 24th and not in all that much pain surprisingly. I went to the doctor on the 28th for my first recheck after surgery and they took out 2 of my drainage balls. My Oncologist and both reconstruction surgeons are very pleased with how well I am healing and the fact that I'm not in to much pain.
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: PollyPoPo on March 01, 2014, 06:35:20 AM
Good drugs help with that.  ;D

Good luck with your healing.  My thoughts are with you.
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: RefMom3 on March 01, 2014, 09:11:35 AM
I'm so happy for you, that you are healing and your spirits are so positive.
When I had a tumor removed a few years ago, I wondered what kinds of things would find their way out of my mouth. Either I was distressingly dull, or my family has taken a vow of silence, because I have never heard anything about what I might have said. I'm thinking they're waiting for some sort of statute of limitations to end.
Continued positive thoughts for you~ :)
Title: Re: Another issue in my life
Post by: Rani Zemirah on March 02, 2014, 02:35:48 AM
I'm so very glad that you are continuing to do wo well with your recovery, dear!  You know you are always in my thoughts and prayers!  :)