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SirAnthonys Photos From Scarby 2008

Started by siranthony, June 09, 2008, 08:49:38 PM

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Through many days of looking at photos I did not see 1 mind you of of SirAnthony. So I will post them my self and share with you the most Fantastic suit of Leather Armor ever Made and the best looking one at Scarby. If you wish, share your comments. Cheers..SirAnthony.... ;D

NoBill Lurker


That is a whole lot of work right there!
Truly incredible! 
I remember that from our old forum, and am still impressed!

So what are you doing this weekend?
I'm going to BARF!!!
You're going to...wait...WHAT???

Arsinoe Selene


Holy Crap.

If you did that yourself, I bow to you, for I am not worthy.

Robin of Locksley


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Sir William Marcus

I take that the "Griffon" is finally completed my friend
VENI, VIDI, VELCRO! Spelling and grammatical errors are beyond my control, it's the way I'm wired.

Queen Bonnie

 I saw that in person! Totally awesome! What a fantastic job!
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