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Barbary Falcon Killed by Human after fly-off incident at LARF

Started by HawkMom, November 23, 2011, 06:30:59 AM

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Letter to US Fish & Wildlife Service: 

I am writing to report the criminal death of my male Barbary Falcon,  "Anubis"1998 hatch, band # RV083418.   
He was lost in a fly off incident during a presentation at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival in the mid-afternoon (around 3:30-4:00) on Sunday November 13th, 2011.   A telemetry search that evening and the next morning came up empty.  On Tuesday, November 15th, an airplane scan was done in the afternoon and evening hours.  A signal was picked up in the region of N Prevost Lane, near Loranger, Louisiana, close to Camp Living Waters.   The next day (Thursday morning and evening) a signal was picked up and tracked to the end of N Prevost Lane.  I initially thought that the signal was emitting from dog tracking collars from the dogs in the area and stopped the search that evening.   Early the next morning on Thursday, November 17th, a friend used a borrowed telemetry unit; and tracked the signal to under a pine tree at a northwest angle behind a single-wide trailer at the end of N Prevost Lane.   Under a large pine tree, he found the jesses, with the anklet intact, bells ID tag, and the telemetry tacking unit.  All of these items were intact and un-cut.   He brought me the equipment that morning with the bad news.  This was very near where I had tracked the signal the previous day.   The very same evening on November 17th, I went with him and another friend to see exactly where the equipment was found.  The three of us went to the property and to the base of the pine tree and also found the bird's seamless band, intact with the secondary ID tag still attached.  This means that the bird was killed, probably shot, the legs cut off, the falconry equipment and ID tags removed and discarded.  The items were not scattered, but were all found together at the base of the pine tree.   We looked for signs of the dead bird, but no feathers or anything was found.     Photos were taken of the location of the items, as well as orientation photos of the surrounding area for orientation to the buildings and barn in the area.  I have in my possession the bird's falconry equipment that he wore, plus photos of the area where the equipment was found and orientation photos. 
This is an outrageous and heartbreaking event in me and my husband's life.  He was one of our favorite birds, an exceptional falcon, with his gentle personality, tameness, and skills in the air and his personality on his perch. 
This is especially distressing since I volunteer my time at Hunter Safety classes for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission in my home state of Florida.   

I have phoned law enforcement in Louisiana and the USFWS offices as well to start an investigation to find the perpetrator of this crime.  I wish to find out who did this horrific act to a beloved and valuable falcon. 


Karen I. Tolson Carroll
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I wish you the best of luck with your search.
They will probably brag about it to someone eventually and that may be your only hope.
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Hello Karen, I saw your fliers up at the festival and have just read your story.  I am so sorry that happened to your wonderful bird.  I just wanted to suggest that you perhaps have someone familiar with the Hammond/Ponchatoula area give those fliers to the local taxidermists.  I'll bet that low down so and so would try to have the poor bird mounted.  I hope and pray that the offender gets caught and punished.  There is no glory or honor in killing such a beautiful animal.  Best wishes.


I am heartbroken just reading this, I love wild things and raptor birds are my some of my favorites. I hope there is special Hell for people who do this. Whoever did this is subhuman piece of slime, not worthy to be called even a marginally decent human being. What kind of condition would you like your birds murderer in when found? Just let us know :( *hugz*
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Gwen aka Punstergal

I'm going to concur on contacting all the local taxidermists, it's a sad, sad thing to see someone waste a bird you're not going to eat :(

I hope you get some justice.
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