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Columbus Weekend 2014

Started by Butch, October 01, 2014, 08:03:20 AM

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Fellow members, all are invited to attend an humble pre-cannon tailgate on Saturday, 11 Oct.  I will be driving a white Ford Edge, and I intend to park on the treeline just on the other side of VIP parking.  Cannon goes at 1000, and gate show begins around 0945.  I hope to be there around 0830.

I will have a few things there to eat and drink (both soft and hard liquid refreshment).  Please, feel free to stop by and break bread with your fellow!  All refreshment will be complimentary.  All are welcome to contribute some refreshement to the kitty, if they like (but it is certainly not required or even expected!)

I intend on taking a break after parade (which starts at 1230) to go back out and hit the refreshments again for a light lunch.  Again, all are welcome; all refreshment is complimentary; and any contribution will be happily shared!

Please post to this thread if you would like to attend.  Just for planning purposes, so I know how much food and drink to bring.  If you're not comfortable adding your name below, feel free to message me!

I hope to see everyone very soon!  Huzzah!

Gauwyn of Bracknell

Lord Gauwyn and Drunk Denny shall be there (not sure about Master D :) )

I shall see if lady Addilay will send some oatmeal cookies along.

And I will bring meade !!
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Gauwyn of Bracknell


We will be flying in on Friday, so plan on us being there!
Just call me "Your Grace"


Fellow members, regrettably, my wife's grandmother passed away last night, and the funeral is Saturday.  I will not be hosting this event, and must cancel.

I hope to see some of you on Sunday aftenoon/Monday.

Merlin the Elder

Butch, Nimue and I offer condolences.
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Rowan MacD

  David and I send our condolences,  Butch.    Take care.

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Merlin, Nimue, Rowen, and David:  thank-you for your kind words.

Cap'n Hunnar Graybeard

Sorry to hear about your loss. Prayers to your family.
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Thank-you very much Cap'n Greybeard.