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Opening Weekend - Coming Soon!

Started by Tamtaro, April 17, 2023, 04:35:22 PM

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I happened to peek in on the forums and was excited to see Craigmeister's post from April 23......2021! My brain saw April 2023. Wah wah!!

My sister & I are excited to venture forth to OKRF THIS year! WOOT!! I can't wait!


My home faire is Bristol, but I've been to the Castle a few times, and very much enjoy it. I see the Musical Blades will be there, and I'm sorry I won't make it to Muskogee this year, since it looks like the Blades will end their touring this year, and they won't be appearing at Bristol. They always have a fun show. I also see the Escapologist will be there; Mark is a friend of mine, and I always enjoy his show, too. Hope you and your sister have loads of fun, Tamtaro!


Thanks, RefMom3!! We really like the OKRF and will look for your friend's show.

I saw the bittersweet news about the Musical Blades! I've been seeing their shows for a very long time. It's the end of a proverbial era.

We live in mid-Missouri, so OKRF and Bristol are a reasonable adventure for driving (about 6-7 hours respectively). Our first trip to Oklahoma, my friends (including my sister) and I were concerned after driving by the road-facing side of the festival. It looked...unimpressive. But the next morning, we discovered that even the parking area was charming! Redemption was sweet. I'm particularly fond of the wooded boardwalk area. It's just magical.