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Started by Amras Elfwine, May 10, 2008, 08:29:36 PM

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Amras Elfwine

The Forum Lexicon lives! Many thanks to Welsh Wench, who saved the lexicon from banishment to the Ether Net Zone. Thougjh certainly gorgeous, she's not just another pretty face, you know...

The Forum Lexicon follows. If you come up with something, send it to me, or point it out below, and I will add it to the list.
We won't put everything down, but all good, original words will be considered.

Now, on with the vocab, and another bit of thanks to Lady Nicolette, who's original idea this was...

THE RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL DOT COM LEXICON - Words that aren't in the mundane dictionary, and come to us in our ren-ramblings...

Arrogant Dink - See Garb Nazi and Protocol Snob. (A flexible term destined for wide usage in many other scenarios, I imagine...)

Authoritis - Getting a visit from the inspiration fairy and posting to THE Story!
~Bonnie, QoE

Ba-diggle - What a thoughtful, aiming-to-please pyrate shakes for the ladies. Usage - "No one shakes a ba-diggle quite like Deadbishop."
~Deadbishop, with help from GracefulCarrie and Amras Elfwine

Barbabians - These are those mini-rennies that roam about in armer, loin clothes, and other such attire hitting dragons with their little swords and clubs rather than riding around in pretty ren decorated wagons. Apparently, when a barbarian mates with a fiesty wench a.k.a. a brat, you end up with barbratians. These mini-rennies apparently resemble barbabians but are prone to overly dramatic outbursts when not given enough attention.

BODICELY GIFTED - Adjective commonly used for a wench who has earned an astro-physics doctorate degree from MIT...not really, but does it really need an explanation?
~Welsh Wench, Amras

Catching your mountain wind - Heard mainly in Colorado and other mountainous locations, this refers to that moment at a high altitude ren fest when you get acclimated, and can finally draw breath again. Some out of staters probably never experience it, as it can take months...

Chickibabes - see GracefulCarrie and Molly the Drunk...(To be unusually attracted by really big hats...)

Cider Injection - a "vaccination" against flagging spirit, taken at faire and elsewhere...known to have far reaching effects. Also known as getting "vaccinated", or "getting one's shots." :-)
~Amras Elfwine and Deadbishop

Cuddlepile - better than a dogpile...hehehe. Secret word dealing with chatroom rites. To find out more, go to the chat room and ask.

Debaucheteer/Debaucherette - Deadbishop, The Cardinal de Baucheret and Duke Drago de Baucheret, have organized into "The Three Debauchateers," the great triumvirate of debauchery in the land...
The Debaucheteers have since established the Order of Debaucherettes. It is a secret order, and you'll have to make the chatrooms, where their mysterious rites occur, to find out more...
~Deadbishop/Duke Drago de Baucheret

Dep-ren-dation - to be deprived of ren faires, and thusly, of all joy...
~Duke Drago de Baucheret

Doing Chores: See also, "Floggin'"
Gettin' busy. Usage: "Where's Deadbishop?" "Doing Chores." "Ah, lucky man...and luckier Nyteshade!" Has also been linked to "Doing Laundry" and "Doing Laundry by Hand" :-)
~Deadbishop, with definition by Molly the Drunk and Bonnie

Dong Maintenance - The speed typing in the chat room, as you'll see, is responsible for many of these. This one started out as "doing maintenance", and a certain squirrel-friend, who shall remain nameless, typed it in as "dong maintenance", and, well, you know...from there, it just grew.:-)
~OK, it was me.;-)

dRENched - What happens when you're at a RenFaire in a downpour... Also what you may choose to do to yourself with water in case of NO downpour or available shade at a RenFaire.
Lady Nicolette

Drunk Trap - All those "hidden" dangers at ren camp like roped off areas, dark tent lines at night, holes just far enough away from the light that they're easily missed. All those things that sober people hopefully miss but drunk people never do.

Elf-ivated - To be raised above the level of mortal things, To shine like a star above a sylvan forest.
~Lady Nicolette, with definition by Amras Elfwine

Fabric Constipation - So much stash jammed into the closet that you cannot actually get a single bit out! You grab it, tug it... tug some more, tug again, and BANG! You and a ton and a half of fabric are in a heap on the floor!

Faire-apy - The best kind of therapy. To lose ones trouble, for at least a little while, while indulging in all things "faire".
To lift up and toss aside ones cares in the same manner. Usually involves something to do with at least one of the following: Singing, dancing, drinking libations, edged weapons, tricorn hats, cloaks and capes, drumming, good celtic music, food on a stick (except that blasted macaroni and cheese), wings and sparkly dust (see "faery-py"), bodices, knee pants, doublets, kilts, crazy pipers, parrots on your shoulder, ferrets, more ferrets, juggling, did I mention bodices?
Bonnie, with a little help from her friends.

Faire-bulous! - Used to describe anything that is ab-fab, er, I mean, absolutely fabulous.

Faire-ndipity - A happy accident related to ren...
~Duke Drago de Baucheret

Fairmily or faire-mily - This refers to your family of faire folk. Often times perferred to and/or more supportive and understanding than one's biological family.

Faery-py - See "Faire-apy" above.
Trillium, Appljx, and a certain squirrel-loving fae-friend

Faire Boogers/bogies - Not unique to this forum, of course, but a mainstay, and necessary to get a little more "faire corrupt".
Just go to a dry, hot, dusty fest in late Spring or Summer, and give your nose a good blow at the end of the day...
~Suggested by Molly the Drunk, well known cologne inspiration...

Fairking - The act of expelling digestive disturbances caused by fair food as in -- "She's fairking up those jalapeno poppers" or "He's in the privy with the fairkings, stay out of there for awhile".

FaireMaster - The workout one gets when attending a large, multi-level Faire.
Used in a sentence: "I really had a workout on the FaireMaster this weekend at Sterling!"
~Capt. Morgan

Faire-tigue - What you get from walking around TRF from 9AM to 8PM- all weekend.
~Bonnie, QoE

Faire Wind - Gas passed at the faire, sometimes coupled with
"Faire Winds and Following Sieze" -- passing gas and discovering you have diarhea. See also "tides out".

Fest-fuddlement - What many are in, when they go to Faire!
Too much going on and too overwhelmed to notice friends are screaming to get your attention!
~Bonnie, QoE

Festical - Combination of "Fest" and "Spectacle", as in, "Youre making a spectacle of your self...", heard muchly around the White Hart Tavern in Maryland...
~Amras Elfwine

Firefly - To practice the grossest form of treachery, to be untrustworthy, to blatantly lie in an attempt to be treacherous, also, one who practices such behaviour whilst having the head planted firmly inside his/her own sigmoid colon. Also synonymous with "piece of moldering excrement."
Usage: "I got fireflied." "He/she fireflied me." "That person is a real firefly!" "Careful not to step in the firefly."
We all know where this one came from...won't belabor the point.
~Amras Elfwine

Floggin'- See Doing Chores

FOKTOP - It stands for "Fellowship of Knights to Obliterate Peeps."

Frog-stitching Finger - that numb and then tingling feeling in the fingers, caused by over-use of the stitch ripper (rip it, rip-it, rippit, rippit... )

(Special thanks to Lady Nicolette, whose idea this was...)
R/F member since 2004
"They say that men who go warring afield look ever to the next hope of food and of drink." ~Tolkien

"Who are you callin' plushy??" ~ Todd the Squirrel

Amras Elfwine

Page 2 (This new system evidently has a character limit per page)...

Garbacious - Something lushious and unputdownable that just *has* to be added to the wardrobe! Usually a furnishing fabric...

Garb Infestation - When you realize that there are NO wardrobes, closets, cupboards, trunks, or atticks without a bit of costume in them in your house.

Garble - A wardrobe malfunction (such as those which stop Super Bowl halftime shows?)...also, malfunctions like bad hose...

Garbology - the study of garb both from an aesthetic and sociological standpoint.
~Lady Nicolette

Garb-rot - That evil falling-apart-at-the-seams, bead-dripping moment when something drops off into the mud, or your points part company with your hose...

Garb Monster - That addictive yearning money spending thing that overtakes us at faire! Usually makes one mumble words such as "Moresca" in one's sleep.

Garb Nazi - One who prioritizes costume accuracy over everything, including imagination and having a good time, and is an arrogant dink about it. Synonymous with Protocol Snob.
~FaireMare, Escherblacksmith

Garb-shoot - You whizz through the garb wardrobe at the start of the fair season, and line up all the things you want to dump on ebay to finance this year's wardrobe...

Garbunkle - That evil garb item that is so totally wrong and ugly, like gigantic brassy tent eyelets up the front of a princess seamed tapestry curtain fabric bodice in a pattern of dogs, cats, horses, or BIG MAN-EATING FLOWERS! Or a shiny hankerchief-hemmed knee-length skirt in cheap poly satin... Or a partlet in metalic gold net... You get the idea: NOT those minor period infringements that we all know and love, but the true monsters that offend the eyes and give you trouble with holding in the giggles.

Garbiosis - you know... That feeding frenzy that comes over you in the sales - I'll have that! And that! And how much of this is there? OK, that too... And this, and ALL of that! etc... Usage: I did see the most garbacious fabric in Dainty Supplies in Washington New Town last weekend. I might go back for enough for a front piece for a velvet gown I have in mind... Trouble is, I get a severe attack of grabiosis every time I go in there, as it's ALWAYS sale time!

GAS - Acronym for "Garb Acquisition Syndrome". That curious condition at faire when the shopping monster takes over. Especially that first time, when, clad in mundane atire, it suddenly hits you. "I don't want to be dressed all weird. I want to be dressed normally, like them(points to playtrons, garbed in tights, doublets, corsettes, bodices, ghillies, kilts, capes, cloaks, boots, knee-pants, etc.)
~Hu-Gadarn, with definitiion help from Amras

Gnome-nclature - The art and science of naming things related to small, fae-like creatures, usually inhabiting gardens, painted blue and red, and mafde out of plaster...or something like that...
~Lady Nicolette, with help from Amras and the Roaming Gnome

Ground Score - Those treasures found on the ground after faire or camp that people have left, lost, or discarded.

His legs have lost the arse - A phrase for the male not-quite-got-it-together look, from behind: looking like his legs have lost the arse.

History-onics - Mad ravings on some obscure point of historical accuracy. Usage: She's had a severe attack of history-onics! What an arrogant dink! (See above.)

Howard Phillips Syndrome - That spring-time syndrome caused by the plethora of pollens floating in the air, which cause one to wake up in the morning all swollen and weepy and scary looking, like something out of a Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft Horror/Fantasy novel. Has also been know to be caused by the effect of certain breeds of long-haired cats on certain half-elves...
~Lady Nicolette

HUYA - Acronym standing for a condition whereby one's cranium is so incredibly indurate, it has solidified beyond all reasonable hope of intelligent thought, thusly creating the impression that one's head is firmly planted up one's "back-side."
~BLAKDUKE, with a little long-winded help on a PG rated definition by Amras

Iambic RENNtameter - The inspired meter of Forum poets.
~Bonnie, QoE

ICB - Acronym standing for "Icey Cold Beverages". An old, unofficial, U.S. Army Fifth Infantry Division radio code word for certain activities occuring during R&R. This term has slowly worked its way into the vernacular in certain ren-oriented groups in Maryland.
~Amras Elfwine, 5th ID Veteran and ICB lover

Lurkdom - Deminuative of "Lurk", a term in widespread posting-board usage. To lurk is to read, but not post, in a posting board. The lurkdom is that population of a forum that lurks...
~Lady Nicolette

"Mad as a Bag of Ferrets" - Term describing the rather marvelously enthusiastic insanity found in certain RAF heroes and ren fest professionals and enthusiasts. Not necessarily a derogatory term...

Meanderthals - Playtrons and mundanes alike, seen at faire wandering around like zombies, with blank looks on their faces, (with the mundanes usually seemingly oblivious to the fact that they are at a Renaissance Festival).
~Bonnie, QoE

Moderateers - protectors of the digital realm. Unlike other forums, however, the ones here do it with a bit of style, usually while wearing unusual hats and holding mugs in one hand.

Participatrons - Another term for Playtron. First used by HBom1 on the thread link below:
~HBom1, submitted by John

Peeps - Those evil marsmallow bunnies and chickies (and they come in other forms too!) They are nasty and evil and must be obliterated before they take over the world!They corrupt our children and rot your guts if you eat them!
~Bonnie, QoE

Pirate Putty - a condition a wench turns into when she sees a great pair of boots. And what fills them.
~Welsh Wench

Postaholic - One who would rather post than eat, sleep, or drink...OK, maybe not the last one. We know who we are! Raise your callused fingers high in the air and repeat, "I can QUIT any time I want!!"( LOL! I CAN'T!!!- I am a POSTAHOLIC!!!)Keep posting tis fun!!!
~Bonnie, The Queen of Everything

Posticipation - That delicious looking forward to a posting milestone, so that even more parties can start.
~Amras Elfwine

Post-iversary - The celebration of a forum post milestone.
~Amras Elfwine

Post-pardon Blues - The awful way you feel when you have to say you are sorry for wenchmouthing in a post.

Post Spurts - That sudden surge of posts after a slow spell. Usage - "I don't think I manage that many posts a day constantly....more like I have growth spurts, or POST spurts, as the case would be."

Prostitot - You know, those young girls who dress up like very big girls and try to get friendly with not so little boys.

Protocol Snob - One who prioritizes proper and accurate behavior over everything else, especially imagination and having a good time. See also "Garb Nazi". Synonymous with Arrogant Dink.
FaireMAre, Escherblacksmith

There is no paucity of vocabulary in this lexicon of terms that begin with "Ren" or "Renn", so this section of those words is now offered in the order of publication, so as to make it faster for me to load them...

Renaddict - One who is addicted to...can you guess?? Yep, thought so. All things ren.

Rentsy - (Renn+Antsy, which means 'restless; impatient; anxious; fidgety)...I'm getting rentsy for my Fair to start!

RENBURN - Happens to parts of the bosom that only see the sun during ren faire week-ends...the infamous Renaissanse "W" for the ladies. Yup. Seen it often. Tends to be more predominate on larger busted women. (DB has pics...and I'd like to see ' the interest of pure research, of course.)
~Rognan, FaireMare

Ren-ching - When you want to hang some one but its a fair day so you can't... a happy village...
~Duke Drago de Baucheret

RenDevous - (date): An organized gathering at a Renaissance Festival for the RenAddicts of, and their loved ones.
~Molly the Drunk

Rendishin - Gossipping (good-natured of course!) about other RenFaires, participants and patrons.
~Lady Nicolette

Ren-digent - And a twofold word: 1. Not having enough money to go to Faire and 2. Spending so much money at Faire you don't have enough for rent.
~Lady Nicolette

Ren-dolent - The particular scents of a Faire, that lovely mixture of dust, horses, various foods cooking with exotic spices, and organic and oriental perfumes mixing, particularly strong in the early morning when dew is on the grass and you're at the opening gate.
~Lady Nicolette

Rendrums - taken from the word doldrums.
Doldrums meaning :between 5 degrees north and 5 degrees south of the equator, the doldrums are a belt of very still air near the equator that stalled sailing ships; Rendrums meaning : A belt of time off between one fest to the next and the feeling accompanied by such.
~Lord Figaro (I must say, I really like this describes that feeling between fests perfectly! Am)

Renemies - people that keep you from rens.
~Duke Drago de Baucheret

ren-feel - the style of clothing that many of us enjoy that is not "period" but has the look and feel of the faire.

Ren-neck - Playful homage to the "You might be a red neck if..." of Jeff Foxworthy. A Ren-neck is a ren enthusiast who is happily lost in his/her addiction. See the "YOU MIGHT BE A RENNAHOLIC/RENNE/RENADICT IF....." forum for possible "qualifiers".

Rennergized - The unending amount of energy surging through you created by the excitement of getting ready for or being at festival. This allows you to go nonstop from opening 'til closing of the gates.

Renfant (noun) - (1) a child who is born into a ren family. often seen dressed in garb while riding in a wagon or stroller at a ren faire. (2) an extremely fortunate child who has wonderful parents who enjoy attending and/or participating in ren faires
~Amante de Espadas

RENGAGEMENT - Plan(usually announced to others) for visiting a specific faire or faires. Ex. - I had to cancel two of my rengagements this year due to lack of funds, so I won't be seeing Fairyfly in Pittsburgh next month.
~Angel Hapisac

Rengret - The feeling of loss that you experience when you are sitting in your modern vehicle driving the roads after the final day of the Renaissance Faire is over.
~Lady Nicolette

Rennergy - Adrenaline fueled energy caused by the fear of not being ready for the next event. May encourage mad dashes through fabric stores. On fest days, known to give birth to oaths such as "C'mon, Bertha, Puk-N-Snot starts in 2 minutes, and we still need beer..."

Rennervate - What you do to old garb to get it ready for the next event.

Rennisauce - Any condiment which permanently stains. Usually involves something on a stick, or perhaps for dunking.

Renn-known - Remembering someone's name- when you have not seen them at faire for a year!
~Bonnie, QoE

Rennorientation - Going back to a faire after a while away! You need to get rennorientated! New things to see and maybe old things gone?
Bonnie, QoE

Ren-ovation - This is threefold: 1. When performers are particularly good at their job, they will probably recieve a ren-ovation. 2. When a Faire must be rebuilt or restructured or repaired. 3. When someone comes up with a really great twist that is new in the Faire world...f'rinstance our hosts conjuring up this site for us.
~Lady Nicolette

RenSick - That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you miss your RenFaire, as in "Only 318 days left? Huzzah! Now I feel less RenSick!"
~Lady Nicolette

Rennsurrection - That first moment you return to Fest, in full garb, in total character... and your soul sings..

RENNthusiasm - What we have for faire!!! Huzzah!
~Bonnie, QoE

Renthusiast - One who experiences Rennthusiasm (see above.)
"I love to live vicariously through other renthusiast's faire and garb purchases!!!"

Renticipation - To be in anticipation of an upcoming Renaissance Festival or Faire, or any ren-related activity. Many here will admit to being in this state year round...
~Amras Elfwine, with definition by Deadbishop

RenTrepreneur - Folk who make their living at the Fair, especially from creating a new Faire-related enterprise or a new Faire entirely.
~Lady Nicolette

Renunion- A gathering of faire friends either on location of a festival or even off location such as a pub. Much havok and jubilation will ensue therein....

Renvious - The feeling that those of us have when others talk about getting to go to faire and we still have months to wait before ours opens.
~Deadbishop, with definition by GracefulCarrie

RENified - the state of being all dressed ren and a fair to go to.

RENervated - the state of nirvana while attending fair and subsequent feeling of well being that lasts for hours after being at fair.

RENervesance - the bubbly well spring of ren inspiration, when your cup doth run over with the comraderie of fair.

Ren-mantic (Ren-mantics, Ren-mance) -
Reference to those who find true romance at fest. Romance through faire. "Teach and Lady Trinn are true ren-manatics!"

Riot's Disease - The tendancy, when reading something exceptionally funny, to spew one's beverage all over the computer screen from explosive laughter. Usually followed by a request for towels. "I got it bad, dat Riot Disease."
~Amras Elfwine, as inspired by Riot

roguemouth - See "wenchmouth", and define it backwards...or get the idea.
~As suggested by EmeraldKinight and Welsh Wench (such a wenchmouth)

Sandwench - Darned fun noun and verb, describin', well, how to keep it PG-rated, that syndrome where one finds onself between two wenchy-lasses (or perhaps three or more, if its a "club sandwench") who enjoy being there with yuh...usage: "Yay! I was "sandwenched" between Lilaney and Lady Laura! whoo, hoo!" Or, "Nuthin' like a cold ale and a hot sandwench"...or something like that...;-)
~Pyroguy, as pointed out by Lady N., and a wee bit of definition from the squirrel guy...

SCOTFLASHES - The distraction and warm feelings, etc.... experienced when seeing or even thinking about handsome men in kilts... (It is rumored there are pictures from MDRF of a certain immortal Captain experiencing this very syndrome. ~Editor's note.)
~Captain Morgan, Immortal

"Scrapping the boss" - To achieve sanity by either retiring from work, getting a better job or becoming one's own employer. Usually accompanied by celebrations involving ICBs. (See ICB)
~Maeven, with definition by Amras Elfwine

The one that may have started it all...
SCROOL - When the chat room gets more than one-page worth of names in it, a scroll bar appears on the side (usually a default of 10 people would cause this). Due to a typo in the chat room one night, it came out "scrool bar". After that, scrool came to mean a full chat room. When the room reaches 10 users, it is tradition to proclaim "SCROOL!" Its now used as a synonym for anything crazy that happens...(what, here?)
~Deadbishop, in the chat room, Huzzah!

Sluttony - A combination of "sloth, lust and gluttony".
~Can anyone find the original thread where this was coined? I remember reading it...This is bound to be a classic, in wide use, so to speak...
After our forum coined this word (and we will ID the post eventually), this link was found by Molly. I think we all agree, our definition is better. I enter this link for the sake of completeness.

Soul Capturing Sessions - AKA "Kodak Moments" - Why you can't get from point A to point B to meet with friends at a certain time. Grin and enjoy it!
Our evil twins in pyrate garb also call it "Getting Shanghaied!"

Sparrow-noid Schizophrenia - That syndrome that causes rennies, for reasons unknown, to dress up like a certain character from a recent series of therapy has obviously failed, an earnest search is on for a vaccine...
~Amras Elfwine

Squeench - The effect that tightly lacing up a buxom lass' bodice has on her eyes..."Sure, I look great, but my eyes are all squeenched up!"

Stashiosis - The disease of the sewing room - so much garb stash that you need a catalogue to clasify it and a week to find the bit you need to complete the garment you are making for tomorrow!

SWISHBUCKLER - Pirates who leave faire at the fall of one raindrop! French pirates or sissy pirates! Won't look in the chum bucket! Won't drink grog! Won't walk in mud! You get the idea!
~Queen Bonnie

"Tides Out" - see "Fair Wind".

Tre-bra-chet - When a brassiere is used as a lethal weapon. Also, the prides, I mean, pride of the Royal Artillery. Usually seen in the "double-barreled" configuration.
~Deadbishop, with definition by Athena and Amras Elfwine

UberBoobage or UberBoobs - Used to describe another's corsetted/bodiced/waist-cinched attire which involves the free flying objects floating on top of said wear. Usually, only with the chemise or really awful spandex red shirt offering the bare minimum of control.
Shortened, Uber becomes the call to alert others to the presence of such objects.
e.g. "UBER!" "where?" "Off the port bow, Uberboobage is flowing free . . ."

WANGED - The action of Capt. Sin smacking his head on the headboard...(no, I was not there!)...

Believed to have been originated by Airforce Engineer Jack Ridley in the deserts of California, having told Chuck Yeager, suffering from broken ribs before the flight of Glamourous Glennis which first broke the sound barrier, to take a broomstick handle to close the door to the craft and "just wang it down with your good right arm."
(From the screenplay for the movie "The Right Stuff")
~LadyTrinn, with longwinded part by Amras

Wench-bod The "bod" equivalent of 'Wench-mouth."
It is when a picture you don't want seen shows up on the forum...named with a famous ren photo in mind with a certain "lass" as the subject...
~Welsh Wench

WENCH-MOUTH - a condition when what you say is not what you really mean and it comes out all wrong.
Welsh Wench, and a host and hostess of others, have formed a support group for this condition, naming Welsh Wench as their poster girl...
~Welsh Wench

Wenchmouth Anonymous - Support group for those suffering from this debilitating disease. Wenchmanon - support group for loved ones of wenchmouth sufferers
~Athena and WelshWench

Wisdumb - the Cliff Clavin -esque logic behind the syntax of our unique grammar definitions and such. Usually preceded by, "Afraid I'm gonna have to correct you on that one, Norm..."
R/F member since 2004
"They say that men who go warring afield look ever to the next hope of food and of drink." ~Tolkien

"Who are you callin' plushy??" ~ Todd the Squirrel

Lady Nicolette

Huzzah to Welsh Wench and to you, Amras for getting this back and posted!!!!!

I've a new one for consideration:  RenPun.  When you inadvertently (or vertently, if that's a word) use a Ren reference.  F'rinstance:  When sending some printed work to an editor (hi Esc!), I told her to feel free to hack and slash as necessary...
"Into every rain a little life must fall." ~ Tom Rapp~Pearls Before Swine

Queen Bonnie

  I Love Rennpun! Great Lady Nicolette.
Do I not see rennporn here?
The showing of an ankle- or leg! Shocking!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!

Queen Bonnie

 We have another word for consideration in the Lexicon.
many of us got sick after this years Renndevous- with the Renndezflu! I have a bad case of Renndezflu too! AhChooo!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!


Yay! The lexicon is back!  8)
A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. ~ Chinese Proverb

Lady Donegan

A Pyratical-  a person who is addicted to all things pirates!
Kendra The Seamaid
Maevous O'Connell
Fox McShane Cursed Crew (Ship's Pilot)



as heard by Lord and Lady Figaro as we wandered the lanes Saturday - "I was reading the Faireums last night and saw the Baron's message that he wouldn't be here today."
Esc be no lady!
Bringing Good and Bad appropriate
FaireNews-spreading the Joy of Faire, one post at a time


I recently updated my glossary of terms with 19 new entries

And here's the newest one that someone just sent me.

QuotePerhaps this is a north-eastern US term, but... we use the term "Bodice Boner" - when the boning on the front of a woman's bodice point folds up when she sits down, bends over, etc.  Most common when using ridgline boning or sewn boning.
When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?

Lady Nicolette

Squirrel Lord, Amras!  If I may, I would like to submit a new word for the Lexicon.  Unfortunately, these do exist:

Renniegade:  A person who misrepresents him or herself as an upstanding Citizen in the Realm of Ren but is in actuality decidedly not.
"Into every rain a little life must fall." ~ Tom Rapp~Pearls Before Swine

Lord Dragonspyre

Faire-oin (pronounced like "heroin") - n - a word describing the addictive properties of Faire. (attributed to tigerlilly)
Corrupting Impressionable Youths Since 1976.

IBRSC#1475, RMG#820, IFRP#1276
Horseman of Debauchery

Welsh Wench

Regarding Lady NIcolette's lexicon word, it pertains to a certain situation that a few of us were privy to. And the facts were indisputable.

The person is no longer on the boards.
Show me your tan lines..and I'll show you mine!

I just want to be Layla.....

Tipsy Gypsy

QuotePerhaps this is a north-eastern US term, but... we use the term "Bodice Boner" - when the boning on the front of a woman's bodice point folds up when she sits down, bends over, etc.  Most common when using ridgline boning or sewn boning.

A friend of mine calls that a "Dilbert" :)
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Lady Nicolette

No one has been named here in the least nor will there be, nor was there any intention for that (or for any suppositions for others to make).  The word just came into my mind as I thought about the situation and my request for it's potential inclusion had nothing to do with fingerpointing.  I see no reason why it's any more inflammatory than "roguemouth" or "wenchmouth." 

*edit*  I guess what I'm trying to say is that it wasn't considered to be taken so seriously!  It's a pun!
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Anna Iram

Nicki, I guess I do take things seriously. You are right and this is just a pun thread.

Previous thoughts deleted.

Lady Nicolette

Thanks, Anna...Not that you needed to delete your posts, it was what you were thinking at the time.  I just never even considered it as anything but in fun and not at all derogatory!
"Into every rain a little life must fall." ~ Tom Rapp~Pearls Before Swine


Quote from: Welsh Wench on December 07, 2008, 10:58:23 AM
Regarding Lady NIcolette's lexicon word, it pertains to a certain situation that a few of us were privy to. And the facts were indisputable.

The person is no longer on the boards.


Anywho.... I vote to add RenDezFlu to the lexicon- the sudden sickness that befalls everyone after a Ren Gathering.
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A new entry--

QUENCHING---what happens when a Queen wenches you. Inspired by the quenching Molden and Mad Jack received at BARF by our beloved Queen Catherine Parr!
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Amras Elfwine

All very cool...(hows that for vernacular?) I will get this updated asap...
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