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The Crafter's Classifieds

Started by Magister, May 12, 2008, 09:33:30 AM

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Welcome to the Crafter's Classifieds

This topic has been created to give us crafters an area to post For Sale / Want ads for those ever elusive, but necessary tools of our trades, and items we have for sale.

There are a few simple rules we are going to ask everyone to understand and follow:

Classifieds Rules

1. Please only post once per item. Spamming the topic will not increase your sales chances. It will also result in your posts being deleted.

2. Please limit the number of pictures of your items. Image Spam is real - be polite.

3. Once your item has sold, or you decide to not sell it, please delete the ad.

4. All posts older than 60 days will be deleted. This is in order to keep the section fresh and current.

5. Please refrain from posting any questions, or discussions in this topic. This topic is only for the ads themselves. Please take all discussions private. Any posts not either a For Sale or Want ad will be deleted.

6. All arrangements made constitute a private sale, and nor it's owners, moderators, or hosts are liable for the outcome. Buyer Beware.

Thank you all for your co-operation!

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I've had this OKed so I'll list my etsy shop here in case anyone is looking for something from it.

I make jewelry and on occassion have other things available as well.  I'm hoping to be selling some of my fused and slumped glass pieces soon as well.
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Sweet T

I am currently doing whimsical pendants from sculpy clay and sparkly things!

Thanks for looking!

Sweet T


With the opening of the new Buy + Sell + Trade section of the website this thread is locked.  If you have any items you would like to offer for sale head on over to this area of the site.

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