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Anna Iram:
I purchased mine at MIRF and love it! It's made from thick blown glass in pretty swirly colors and a fluted edge. Keeps me nice and chill but never gets so cold it needs to be wrapped. I love it. Don't recall the name of the shop. Perhaps someone from Michigan can help.

Just my two cents: I'd wait until you get to your homefaire. I'm sure the vendor at your faire would appreciate your dollars and you could help them out even more by giving them some free publicity as you walk through faire. I get tons of comments on mine.

I agree about waiting until you get to faire to buy from the vendor there. The accessories purchased at faire have more meaning to me than the ones purchased from a website. My pretty blue glass bodice chiller came from the glassblowers ar MIRF as well. While they do have a website it is for their expensive artglass pieces and doesn't offer the bodice chillers. For what it's worth I think the caution against glass chillers would refer to those flower vials or more of a test tube style that the heavy blown glass. I think someone would crack my ribs before they could ever hug me hard enough to crack that thing! LOL

I purchased mine from a vendor at the TRF several years back.  Although, I must say I have had some issues with mine.  Though it is thick and doubt it will break, there is a little decorative metal trim that she glued onto the glass and it fell off multiple times.  The DAY I purchased it I had to go back to her booth 3 different times for replacements because as the ice would melt, it would get up under the rim and pop the trimming off.  Finally I got one that has stuck with me these past years with no trouble...  but, I did have to go through a small batch first.  And, mine is more of a V shape, which I don't know how much I care for...  it separates the girls very oddly. 

Here is where I bought the Lovely Lady Trinn hers.
There is a glass blower at Scarborough Faire that also makes them

*handy for storing rum too!*

The booth at MIRF is called the Royal Glass Makers LLC they are booth number 357


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