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Opening Weekend Pictures Posting

Started by reese, May 19, 2008, 06:41:31 PM

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I'll go first, anyone have any, please add to the post.  Thanks for all that made it out, what a great weekend despite the off weather Sunday.  I had the great pleasure of meeting new folks, it's always nice to put a face to a name.  Anyway, I didn't get out much this weekend, hope to do so next weekend for a better variety of pictures from all over faire.

Below: The Court is playing Bowles, Sir Richard (my youngest in blue) is taking his turn, and my daughter Lady Rachael is in the pink, both of their clothes (other than Richards hat, belt/frogs/sword) is made by Margaret Roe Designs . Rachael grew between last fitting and final outfit, luckily Margaret planned for this and made the bottom of the dress with a very deep hem so we only have to take it down. 

Below: Dame school in Poppets Glade with Mistress Shepherd

Below:I made poor Sir Henry Neville's doublet, sleeves (except the beading) pants, and hat, sadly he needs new pants already)


John doesn't like me to post actual images elsewhere (he calls it "keeping a small Internet footprint," whatever that means) but he took several good ones over the weekend that can be seen on his Flickr page:


WOW, fabulous photos!!!  Thanks for posting them. 



Great pics from both of you. I can't wait!

Master James

Great pictures!

Reese I have to give you my camera this weekend so I can have some pictures if you wouldn't mind.
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No I don't mind, if you don't mind my wonky way of juggling things. 

Now that I know how to transfer the pictures to dh's computer and then to disks, I ought to be able to get out this years pictures out faster than last years...let's not go there please  :-[