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    Hi Guys,I read a request too early in the morning and acted on it without consulting you fine gents. A user was wondering if RSS was an option and I thought "why not". It's always been enabled on the site and as I see it if people want to be updated via RSS more power to them. After adding the forum RSS links a user seemed miffed, not knowing how RSS work this user seems to think that we are now broadcasting all feeds all over the internet. Well, we are, but we can thank Google for that and not RSS. I replied with a post explaining that RSS is pull based and has to be requested.I apologize if I've overstepped, I thought it would be a nice thing for the community to help them stay updated in as many convenient ways as possible.If you want the RSS icons removed just let me know and I'll pull it.TomPS - RSS has always been enabled on this site, I just added the forum links to make it easier to use.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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