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    Nardaran Castle is situated in the northern part of Absheron Peninsula, in coordinates 40.561389, 50.004722The castle was built in 1301 by architect Mahmud ibn Sa'ad; thoughtful an inscription in the castle gives credit to someone called Mother Barikat.43702210.jpgNardaran_qalasi.jpgNardaran_qalasi_yeni.jpg89561135.jpg78333899.jpg43702214.jpgnardaran_qalasi.jpgqala0222_422.jpg[img][/img]10011358-nardaran_qalasi_2.jpg

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    Gomarn Castle is located in on a rocky head on the west side of the old walled city of St. Leonhard, coordinates 46.963611, 14.787778 The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 12th century. Outer ramparts and other additions were made in the 14th…[Read more]

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    Yumbulagang is an ancient fortified palace in the Yarlung Valley, in the South of Tibet, People's Republic of coordinates 29.142512, 91.802601According to a legend of followers of the Bon religion, Yumbulagang was erected in the second century B.C. for the first Tibetan king Nyatri Tsenpo. The castle is divided into front and back parts.…[Read more]

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    Ekenas Castle is a castle located outside Linkoping in South-East coordinates 58.382, 15.946The Fourteenth Century Fortress was heavily rebuilt in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The older parts consist of foundations and cellars now.Eken%C3%A4s_slott.jpg6060925.jpg[img width=600 height=378][/img]photo45a1af252ebab.jpg5772287224_c5eaf3084c.jpg40301008.jpg26076853.jpg40300960.jpg6060904.jpg6060860.jpg56771784.jpg26076875.jpg4uidnisse.jpg[img width=600…[Read more]

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    Or should I say Castles?Frohberg Engenstein and Schalberg are ruined castles that are the furthest links in a line from the town of Aesh, Switzerland.Frohberg map coordinates 47.467740, 7.562194Schalberg map coordinates 47.464658, 7.568345Engenstein map coordinates 47.462990, 7.571749The first documented evidence of Frohberg was in 1292 with the…[Read more]

  • Bottstein is a castle in a tiny village in coordinates 47.555105, 8.224656The noble family “Freie von Böttstein” is recorded as living in the castle in the 11th through 13th centuries. Very likely it was built by the earliest members of the family. In 1615 the castle underwent some renovations and lost most of its defensive…[Read more]

  • Iznalloz Castle, also referred to as Almendros, is located in the upper part of the town of Iznalloz, coordinates 37.393009, -3.530646The remains of the Tenth century castle were built on top of an early Arabic, or Roman fortress. Some of the outer perimter walls remain along the river and have been incorporated in buildings erected since 1994.155328-iznalloz-castillo-de-iznalloz.jpg00257821.jpgU12387-Iznalloz-%282%29.JPG.jpg125_Castillo-de-los-Almendros_833.jpg125_Castillo-de-los-Almendros_832.jpg125_Castillo-de-los-Almendros_834.jpg125_Castillo-de-los-Almendros_831.jpg

  • The castle Fuencubierta is located in the province of Jaen, coordinates 37.779013, -4.058691Although the site shows evidence of occupation from pre-Roman times, the current castle was probably built in the fourteenth century. At one time there must have been a village as well, since it appears in a list of churches in the diocese of…[Read more]

  • Hodejov Castle ruins look down on a village of the same name in coordinates 48.298989, 19.983638The first written mention of the castle as Hodejov is in 1281, referring to an armed insurrection that involved King Ladislaus IV. A church now stands at the base of castle hill where the perimeter wall remains can be seen, although the…[Read more]

  • Mains Castle, known at various times as Fintry Castle or Claverhouse Castle, is located in Dundee, coordinates 56.485556, -2.958056The castle is believed to have been built in 1562 by Sir David Graham, nephew of Cardinal Beaton. A keystone in the western gateway bears this date as well as the initials DG and DMO for David Graham and…[Read more]

  • Branik Castle, also known as Rihemberk Castle, is a castle above the village of Branik, in southwestern coordinates 45.8512, 13.7918Fortified settlements have been present on the hill above what is now the village of Branik since prehistoric times; the site was once occupied by a Roman castrum. The date of the founding of the castle…[Read more]

  • Longroiva Castle is located in the northern interior of coordinates 40.963720, -7.208503Occupation of the site dates back to a pre-Roman Oppidum. In Roman times the existing fortified town in the same place was called Longóbriga But the medieval castle whose remains were preserved until today, was built in 1174-1176 by order of Grand…[Read more]

  • Ksiaz Castle is in Silesia, Poland in Wa? coordinates 50.842, 16.292The original fortification was destroyed in the year 1263 by Ottokar II of Bohemia. Bolko I, Duke of ?widnica and Jawor built a new castle between 1288 and 1292.php8nis5t.jpg37275890.jpg66225324.jpg66225320.jpg84128366.jpg84128767.jpg22699346.jpg38429930.jpg68249106.jpg32992977.jpg56102634.jpg61906879.jpg60428575.jpg61406757.jpg39718182.jpg10954886.jpg39580177.jpg63903199.jpg27690441.jpg44104106.jpg33503040.jpg39104141.jpg65584372.jpg54254638.jpg76029869.jpg40207234.jpg2059zamek_z_lotu_ptaka.jpg

  • Poelwijk Castle is located in Gendt, The coordinates 51.871881, 5.965394 Already in 1275 a Van Poelwijck family from Gendt was known. This tower is all that remains of Poelwijk Castle today. It dates back to about 1441. This tower was originally the gate tower of the castle. How the main castle looked is not known; but it vanished…[Read more]

  • Vianden Castle is located in Vianden in the north of coordinates 49.935, 6.202222The castle was built on the site of an ancient Roman castrum. The basement appears to have been a Carolingian refuge. The first Count of Vianden, Bertolphe, appears in documents with his castle in 1090.31_1.jpg7003329.jpg13668325.jpg87394803.jpg61133914.jpg80329081.jpg93390082.jpg42300351.jpg4740369.jpg4740390.jpg36567147.jpg13668917.jpg54489142.jpg5363022.jpg90634271.jpggreat-hall-at-chateau-du-vianden-rehon.jpg51988156.jpginterieurchateau012579.jpg92872976.jpgbedroom-at-chateau-du-vianden-foetz.jpg92872997.jpg19996542.jpgkueche.jpg3506436.jpg62494944.jpg11915_cropped_840_530_90_5059bfc5e9b09_chateau-vianden.jpg

  • Schalun Castle, also known locally as Wildschloss, is a castle ruin located in the municipality of Vaduz, coordinates 47.1509, 9.5336The first written record about the castle comes from 1237. In it, it was also first referred to by name, as “Schalun”. JEP2012_FL_Wildschloss_2.jpg56011019.jpg56011192.jpg45869100.jpg[img width=450…[Read more]

  • Montgomery Castle is a stone masonry castle looking over the town of Montgomery in Powys, mid coordinates 52.56253, -3.15061The original motte and bailey is now known as Hen Domen and was built at the order of Roger de Montgomery, earl of Shrewsbury sometime between 1071 and 1074. Henry III gave the castle to Hubert de Burgh in…[Read more]

  • Mortham Tower is located in coordinates 54.522970, -1.868309According to the Domesday book, Mortham Tower was a fortified tower residence that belonged to Earl Edwin in 1066 and by 1086 belonged to Count Alan of Brittany. The original tower was built onto and around it for the next centuries. The Pele tower dates from about 1485.mortham-tower-660392110-3608129.jpg[img…[Read more]

  • Dromagh Castle is located in the southwest of coordinates 52.12999, -8.97121 The are around Dromagh was a seat of the O'Keeffe family from about 908 AD. The current castle was apparently built on the older stronghold about 1582.40081738.jpg40081819.jpg1814371446_0d65a351cc.jpg162923960_044cabfb9c.jpg1098590757_beeaab33b4.jpgDromagh%20Castle.jpg162923877_c37fa2ef92.jpg1099442348_268bcfab28.jpg1099442772_7aef41337b_z.jpgdromagh.gif3036465_30105c2b.jpg

  • Château de Javarzay is located in the Poitou-Charentes region of coordinates 46.109167 ,-0.082778The Javarzay castle was reconstructed between 1513 and 1515 by François de Rochechouart, governor of Genoa. Its one-time owners include the La Rochefoucauld family, the count of Pontchartrain (a minister of Louis XIV). All that's left of w…[Read more]

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