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  • Château de Guise is located in the Picardy region of coordinates 49.896, 3.623The construction of the castle was first documented in the Tenth Century. It was the main stronghold of the Dukes of Guise.guise-1.jpgchateau%20de%20guise.jpg2886983.jpg2480448951_ca38a8b4bd.jpgGuiseA_i1.jpg[img width=600 height=450][/img]souterrains-chateau-fort-guise-aisne-picardie_fj_offre_slideshow.jpg[img width=600 height=450][/img]MG_70061-1024x682.jpg16178426.jpgdyn008_original_894_768_pjpeg_2583480_395d4f0b3decda4d9276aba4d99c4db0.jpgguise5.jpgguise7.jpg697265214_f642c8226d.jpgguise8.jpgchateau-fort-de-guise.jpgchateau-fort-de-guise.jpgGUISE-4-5-AOUT-2007-004-jpg.jpg

  • Heetvelde Castle is located in the countryside near Oetingen, coordinates 50.783416, 4.053591This fully moated castle was built by the Lord of Heetvelde, the first documented owner was Joost van den Heetvelde in 1472.25401737.jpg17770404.jpg[img][/img]shapeimage_1.pngGooik%20-%20Oetingen%20-%20Kasteel%20van%20Heetvelde%20%20%282011-05-02_17-35-47%29.jpg[img…[Read more]

  • The Château de Nérac is a castle in the Aquitaine region in coordinates 44.135278, 0.34An earlier structure from the actual castle belong to Arsieu of Albian in 1088 and later to Amanieu VI of Albret (Labrit), but the castle was rebuilt between the 15th and 16th centuries by the House of Albret. 59830723.jpg998468_693967_460x306.jpg19010024.jpg[img width=450 h…[Read more]

  • Leiva Castle is located in the town of Leiva in the Rioja region of coordinates42.501428, -3.047808The combination of octagonal towers with the remnants of older moats show evidence of construction from the Fourteenth through the Fifteenth Centuries. It was partly remodeled in the Seventeenth Century; but the basic structure was left intact.95894420.jpg96299090.jpg27688449.jpgcastillo_3.jpgcastillo--647x450.jpgobras_castillo_de_leiva.jpg80401658.jpg23989200.jpg27688438.jpg96299194.jpg

  • Vorderburg Castle is located in Neckarsteinach, coordinates 49.409018, 8.835243Vorderburg was built by Ulrich I of Steinach by 1200 at the latest. The castle was half each in the fief of the Bishopric of Speyer and the diocese of Worms. [img width=600…[Read more]

  • Mittelburg is located in Neckarsteinach, coordinates 49.409250, 8.833002The middle castle was probably around 1165 by Conrad I of Steinach, the youngest son Bliggers II of Steinach. It is just east of the Hinterburg.db_mittelburg6.jpg56987134.jpg26286868.jpg92396051.jpg92395989.jpg64225116.jpgmittelburg-neckarsteinach-07.jpgNeckarst_2-Neckarst-Innenho.jpgmittelburg-neckarsteinach-04.jpg[img][/img]22_5_m.jpg[img…[Read more]

  • Hinterburg Castle is located in Neckarsteinach, coordinates 49.409460, 8.872572Around 1100 the castle was begun with the construction, probably in the fief of the Bishopric of Worms or the Diocese of Speyer. Around 1142 the castle became the property of the Counts of Steinach; Bligger I being the first to be documented at this…[Read more]

  • Schwalbennest Castle is located in the Hesse region of coordinates 49.407, 8.8245 The castle was probably built by Ulrich II, youngest son of Ulrich I, Count of Steinach, sometime around 1300. It was one of several castles that the family built along the Neckar River.CRW9858-Burg-Schadeck-Schwalbennest.jpg41932679.jpg90087997.jpg32048191.jpg3153226.jpg63340927.jpg79710160.jpg102047305.jpg48207077.jpg41932112.jpg26554924.jpg65255078.jpg64979233.jpg64979705.jpg33700670.jpg33700677.jpg41932318.jpg53405254.jpg

  • Schloss Buchenau is located in Buchenau between Fulda and Bad Hersfeld in the district of Eiterfeld, coordinates 50.780163, 9.765620The castle was built in 1611-1618 by Georg Melchior von Buchenau and his wife Agnes von Schwalbach in the style of the Renaissance. The oldest portion of the castle is the main hall; which was built in…[Read more]

  • The Castle of Turégano is an ancient fortress located in the town of Turégano in the province of Segovia, coordinates 41.158155, -4.005160The castle was founded on the site of a pre-existing Celtiberian fortress. Its structure is integrated into the adjacent church of San Miguel.10586235.jpg9940307.jpg32989847.jpg50572473.jpg47078125.jpg15450098.jpg842111.jpg88187953.jpg58007398.jpg58687851.jpg60750316.jpg60750399.jpg842306.jpg842134.jpg6256511.jpg100302598.jpg[img width=600 h…[Read more]

  • Tromra Castle is located in County Clare, coordinates 52.801500, -9.472183This conspicuous peel tower is a well-marked object in all wide views of the low central coast of Clare despite the fact that the tower lies on very low ground. Though the castle is probably a late 15th century building, but the place appears in the records from…[Read more]

  • The Castle of Vinhais is located in coordinates 41.835, -7.000278A first attempt to register the incorporation of the town and the fortress was under the reign of D. Sancho II (1223-1248), a second, under his brother and successor, D. Afonso III (1248-1279) who granted the town a charter on 20 May of 1253 to build the castle where…[Read more]

  • Irton Hall is located near the village of Holmrook in coordinates 54.392446, -3.379614Irton Hall is a large mostly 19th-century house which incorporates a 14th-century pele tower. The Tower belonged to the Lord of Irton and Melthwaite. Henry VI stayed there on occasion.header-image.jpgirton-8380b.jpg432942.jpg373741.jpgPhoto From Tripadvisor- The hall is now a Bed & Breakfastirton-hall-b-b.jpg

  • The Castle of Stilo is a castle built at Stilo, Calabria in southern coordinates 38.480556, 16.464167The first reference to the Norman castle at Stilo is from May 7, 1093 in a concession act of Comte Roger to Saint Bruno: “elegerunt itaque quondam solitudinis locum inter locum qui dicitur Arena et oppidum quod appelatur Stilum”.40786477.jpg40786066.jpg40658134.jpg40658116.jpg40786094.jpg40658727.jpg13177628.jpg7348578.jpg81299235.jpgterritorio-archeologico-03-g.jpg40658762.jpg[img…[Read more]

  • Bañares Castle is located in La Rioja, coordinates 42.465018, -2.910539This castle is now in ruins, as much of the stone was sold for construction. It is known that it had thick walls, keep and a moat that defended it. On December 24, 1477, the infant D. John gave his gentleman in waiting Diego López de Zúñiga the County of Banares. But…[Read more]

  • Balga Castle is located near Pogranichny in coordinates 54.5525, 19.969444The hill of Balga had been the site of an Old Prussian (Warmian) fortress called Honeda, that had been unsuccessfully besieged by the Wettin margrave Henry III of Meissen on his 1237 Prussian Crusade. It was conquered in 1239 by the forces of the Teutonic Order,…[Read more]

  • The Castle of Freixo de Espada-à-Cinta is located in coordinates 41.092581, -6.804037The town existed in the early days of the Independence of Portugal , marking the border west of the river Douro . Therefore, in order to promote its settlement and defense, D. Afonso Henriques (1112-1185), awarded the town a charter from 1152 (or…[Read more]

  • Ciechanow Castle is located on swampy ground in Ciechanow, coordinates 52.884722, 20.619444 Ciechanowski Castle was built in the fourteenth century. The earliest mention of the fortress from the year 1429, when the architect – master Niklos presented to Prince Janusz the construction accounts for the work on the construction of the fortress. Ciechanow_zamek_2.jpg1678614.jpgarticle_42239023.jpg42744341.jpg959393_zamek-ksiazat-mazowieckich-w-ciechanowie.jpg2021418.jpg42275399.jpg48471586.jpg48356292.jpg43333330.jpg100643573.jpg42195547.jpg42227326.jpg30654243.jpg42227312.jpg42227335.jpg100643564.jpg100643560.jpg100643561.jpg4.jpg5.jpg2036696_ciechanowzamek-ksiazat-mazowieckich-z-xivxv-wieku.jpgzamek_ksiazat_maz_sala_rycerska.jpgzamek_ksiazat_maz._szpady.jpg42227263.jpg1634.jpeg10520.jpg38526080.jpg77093644.jpg77093657.jpg20080606100746z9.jpg

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