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The featured castle for May 7 is:

Castelvecchio -

Map coordinates 43.433319, 11.003325
The crumbling remains of this ancient italian citadel saw intrigue and betrayal with the Guelphs and Ghibellines in the 13th century. Don't miss the castle map

Lady Ann of Draycott:
This one is very cool and seems to be in amazing condition considering how old it is. From the map it looks as if it was huge!  Odd how some castles are remarkable perserved and others are almost nothing but a few walls and rubble.

Thanks for keeping this going DonaCatalina! I love Castle of the Day!!  ;D

Lady Christina de Pond:
nice castle

Lady Ann of Draycott:
Wow!!! That one is so cool!   8)

I'd say the exterior spiral stairs are more than noteworthy!  :o  ;)

????  The castle featured as "Blois" is Chenonceaux... it spans the river Cher.  It is in the Loire valley, and is not far from Blois, but that's not Blois.

Castle history may say that Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned there, but the time frame does not match up.

There is graffiti carved on the walls throughout the chateau that dates back into the 1500's. 

I love this chateau, and have visited it four times.  We took Grammie and Myryha in 2007.

The long gallery over the river is black marble and white limestone in a checkerboard pattern.  Lovely!

Corp Capt. Marga


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