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2010 season !!!

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i know it's early but I'm already preparing .

Lol, I won't start preparing for awhile. I will probably really get into gear preparing about two months before auditions come up. That's when I'll start looking at monolgues and songs and all that. Of course I will also run them all through the advice provided at the audition seminar (which I really hope they have again. It was so helpful.)

It was a lot of fun. I cannot wait for the coming season.

hope to see you again , and it will come very fast as all seasons do seems to just creep up on us .

in 2010 there will be 5 weekends plus Columbus day !  plus CTRF will be running a Robin Hood themed faire in May for 3 weekends . i can't wait , I'll be there for sure .

For anyone who is interested, auditions for the 2010 Robin Hood Spring Festival are up. If you want a spot, e-mail the director for a spot! Here's a link to the Act at the Faire page! :D

Become an Actor at CTRF

I'll definitely be auditioning. Hope to see others there too!


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