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I caught Jayna's act a few times at NYRF this year. Very talented lady there. Im just sorry she got stuck all the way at the back of the faire. But it was the best land for the set up she has.

First, I have to report that news of a "pirate-free" CTRF is inaccurate. This weekend is the "invasion weekend," and while not exclusively pirate themed, CTRF is having a pirate costume contest -- judged by two supporting actors from the first "Pirates of the Caribbean," no less. And those gentlemen will be signing autographs.

Also, the Bawdy Buccaneers are there with a big and very nice pirate ship backdrop stage, where the duo of Mortis & Murphy also perform (not strictly piratical, but sea shanties are part of the repertoire), and for the next three weekends the pirate comedy swordfighting duo of Buckle and Swash will be present.

As for acts worth seeing, beyond the aforementioned musical acts and Jayna Lee, who is ten kinds of awesome, I'd say check out Wonderfool, Zoltan the Adequate, the Repeat Offenders, I.B. Spies (very good show for the kids), Poprah (not at all good for kids, great for adults with warped senses of humor), the Lost Boys, and of course the scenario and jousts.

Last weekend of the season - looks to be a good weather day on Saturday, at least.  Lets end it in style!


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