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Boot and shoe resources for women

Started by Just Randall, December 08, 2009, 06:59:38 PM

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Just Randall

Moderators Note: does not endorse or promote any particular merchants. Please, do your research and buy at your own risk.

This thread is meant to be a resource guide for boots and shoes for women for Renaissance and re-enactments, for all price ranges.
This thread is NOT meant to promote any one product over another, nor is it meant as an open forum to rant about how bad someone's product is. What may have been a bad experience for you, may have been an exellent experience for another.

If you come across a new source for ren-type shoes or boots, or ones that may be altered for such use, please add that link so that we may have as comprehensive a list as possible.
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Lady Renee Buchanan

I have Dreamshoes, they're from a long time ago when the original maker still made them, and I love them.  They are made by Renboots, I think.

I'm also hoping to purchase a pair of Medieval Moccasins when we go to RenDezvous in April at Scarby.  Queen Bonnie has some and they are beautiful.
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Just Randall

Mediocrity is the refuge of the unimaginative...

Tipsy Gypsy

I bought a pair of Son of Sandlar lace-up peasant boots closing weekend of TRF. Good deal for the budget I had, and I got nothing but positive feedback from anyone I spoke to who was wearing them. I think they're going to be very comfortable.

A good friend who has a pair of Sandlar boots also has a pair from Mystic Soles (formerly Bald Mountain) that she's had forever, it seems. She likes both makers very much. I did try on Mystic's boots too, and they looked and felt wonderful; unfortunately for me, I can't afford custom-made boots right now. Maybe someday :).
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Well, there's no link, but I very strongly recommend the local thrift store.  True, it's a very hit-or-miss source, but when it hits, you can't beat the prices!  :)
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I suggest looking at places like Ross and Marshall's. They usually have a good selection of women's boots for good prices. I got an originally-$70 pair of boots at Ross yesterday for $20.


I'm more of a "make your own" kinda person but I don't make shoes.
What we do instead is go to Thrift Stores or Goodwill and find comfortable boots of some sort and then go to Michaels and get fur, leather, twine...stuff like that and a glue gun and go to town.
I made my daughters boots for last year for 6$ and they looked great!
This year...she bought a pair at Ross for $20 and we don't have to do much to them.

Me? I wear Jesus sandals as Merlin and Doc Martin 16 eye with the kilt.
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Lady Renee Buchanan

I just bought the most wonderful, comfortable shoes at BARF this weekend from Heart & Sole.  They were a pair of unisex ghillies.  The price was $58, which is way cheaper than the $70 my husband paid for his at Bristol last summer.  They have women's shoes, men's shoes, and gorgeous boots.

They don't have a website yet, but one of the partners is Lady Nicolette, a member of this forum.  If you renmail her, she can let you know what faires they will be at and also more info about the styles of their shoes and boots.

Keith, the other partner, spends a lot of time with you to make sure you get a correct and comfortable fit.  I have the worst feet in the world, hammer toes, bunions, planter fasciatis, inflamed tendons and usually wear orthotics and limp.  I put these shoes on, walked out of the shop, and wore them for 2 days straight at faire.

You can't beat the prices and excellent customer service.

Also posted in the men's section.
A real Surf Diva
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Chieftesse Surf'n Penny of Clan O'Siodhachain,
Irish Penny Brigade
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Lady Nicolette

We're so happy you enjoy your shoes, Renee!  Keith is actually also a forum member although he works so hard making shoes he's not in here frequently...His forum name is willin here and he is a moderator of a couple of areas hereabouts...

We will now be known at most faires as Dream Shoes and will have a website up soon.

Also posted in the men's shoes section. 
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For pirate-esque and Viking-esque  boots, check out

I got some pirate lovelies for $26. Granted, these shoes aren't the highest quality, but they're the most affordable I've seen, and with the most variety of choices.  ;)


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Some friends of mine love shoes they got from NativEarth.  They do handmade leather boots, shoes and bags from what I understand. A bit out of my personal price range, but I've heard they are well worth it.

I'm a fan of the discount warehouse stores like Shoe Depot and Famous Footwear myself - $30-40 for a decent pair of leather shoes that last a couple seasons at least.


Yet another to add to the list
All of the Acts on my stage at Arizona Ren wear the boots
as well as almost all of the Stage Crew

I have 3 pairs of their boots/shoes


for the most comfortable sandals around here is my favortie link.  Not only do I love their shoes for faire wear, the sandals I bought for pirating have become my go to shoes for the summer!
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