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Just Randall:
Moderators Note:
RF.com does not endorse or promote any particular merchants. Please, do your research and buy at your own risk.

This thread is meant to be a resource guide for boots and shoes for women for Renaissance and re-enactments, for all price ranges.
This thread is NOT meant to promote any one product over another, nor is it meant as an open forum to rant about how bad someone's product is. What may have been a bad experience for you, may have been an exellent experience for another.

If you come across a new source for ren-type shoes or boots, or ones that may be altered for such use, please add that link so that we may have as comprehensive a list as possible.

Just Randall:








Lady Renee Buchanan:
I have Dreamshoes, they're from a long time ago when the original maker still made them, and I love them.  They are made by Renboots, I think.

I'm also hoping to purchase a pair of Medieval Moccasins when we go to RenDezvous in April at Scarby.  Queen Bonnie has some and they are beautiful.

Just Randall:
Sticky please, Trill?

Tipsy Gypsy:
I bought a pair of Son of Sandlar lace-up peasant boots closing weekend of TRF. Good deal for the budget I had, and I got nothing but positive feedback from anyone I spoke to who was wearing them. I think they're going to be very comfortable.

A good friend who has a pair of Sandlar boots also has a pair from Mystic Soles (formerly Bald Mountain) that she's had forever, it seems. She likes both makers very much. I did try on Mystic's boots too, and they looked and felt wonderful; unfortunately for me, I can't afford custom-made boots right now. Maybe someday :).


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