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I have a pair of the Nativearth shoes that were previously mentioned and they are very comfortable.


I bought the court slippers with the Vibram sole at TRF a month ago or so and wore the shoes all day without my feet hurting. The only caveat is be careful with them because some dirt got into the shoes (as you would expect it to) and I wasn't wearing socks so I ended up with huge blisters on each heel. That was no fault of the shoes, just me not wearing any socks or hose with them as I should have.

The shoes are expensive, but if you are a regular faire-goer they are so worth the purchase. I was wearing a pair of Steve Madden shoes I bought ages ago that, while they looked alright, after a few hours my feet were killing me. That didn't happen with the Nativearth shoes.  :)


I'm just starting an online shoe business with a focus on historical and steampunk fashions.  Eventually it will include handmade replicas, but for right now it's only commercially available footwear.  Also, the website isn't retail-ready yet so product offerings are currently by newsletter or email only.  

If you want to sign up for the newsletter follow the link below.  If you're interested ONLY in what specific footwear I can find for your needs, use the link below and click on "contact us" to send me a message with a description of what you're looking for.  I'll do my best to find it!



Elizabeth the Bold
The Cordwainer's Apprentice

Today I purchased a pair of mary jane style shoes from New Balance, of all places. They have the same footbed as their sneakers so they are uber comfortable. They are available in multiplevwidths and start at a size 5. Also, they are real leather, and come in brown and black. They were a bit pricey for my taste, but well worth it if they will save my feet at faire, and still well under the cost of the handmade knee high boots I *really* want. These are my compromise shoes until I save up for the boots.

Was looking for some shoes at DSW the other day and came across these:

They weren't at all what I was looking for, but they'd probably work pretty well for a ren costume.  They seemed pretty comfortable, too.  I probably would have bought them just cuz if I had more money. :)

Don't know how long they'll carry them, but if you need some shoes, might be worth a shot.

Rani Zemirah:
I just ran across this Etsy store that looks promising, so I thought I would revive this thread with a new link!  At least, I hope it's a new one, and not one already posted...  :)  The shoes are gorgeous, and the reviews seem genuine and absolutely satisfied with the product.  They are not custom made, but they are made to size, and if I had the ready cash I would definitely try a pair!  There are several different styles, also.  Worth the look, at least...  :) 


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