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My dearest Bonnie
I have created a proto-type magazine hoping someday to get the funding to turn it into a real publication. I would like your permission to use your lovely image on one of them. You can view them in my photos on facebook.
Renee Spahr
Reyna Marguarite Regina De Navarre

Queen Bonnie:
 Dear Renee, I would be most pleased and honored to have you use my image in your publication and wish you much luck with it! Huzzah!
 Alas, I am not on Facebook.
 See you at Scarby- or Sherwood?
 Hugs, Bonnie, QOE


Here is a sample of the one featuring you my dear Bonnie.

Queen Bonnie:
 OOOH! That looks wonderous! That is one of my favorite photos!  Huzzah!

I am thrilled that you like it. I will try to get a nice print of it and the next time I know we are going to a faire on the same weekend I will bring it along for you. We are planning to visit Sherwood of course. Have a Blessed Holiday!


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