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Professor M:
I just got this notice from the festival office.  Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested.
- M -

The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival will hold Entertainment Auditions

Monday, June 2nd  (10 am- 4pm)
Tuesday, June 3rd   (10 am- 7 pm)
& Wednesday, June 4th (10 am- 4 pm)

We are looking for Actors, Musicians and Specialty Acts that fit our “Renaissance Theme”.
Stipends and Internships available.
Tom Rehn-Entertainment Director

Please call 724-872-1670 for an appointment.

kilted one:
For those of us that have not done this in the past, what exactly is required for the actor portion.  An accent and a costume, a character, idea of how to be used.  Any information is appreciated.

Professor M:
My bad, KO.  In addition to the official notice they also sent out a copy of a more detailed press release.  Here is the relevant part:

   New applicants, 18 years or older, may attend auditions. 
   Please prepare a short presentation of your character or talent, bring a resume and a current photo.  Applicants should come in costume if possible, although not required.

*Applicants should be available for entire Festival Season.
*2008 Festival dates are August 23rd~September 28th, weekends and Labor Day Only
*Some rehearsal days prior to Festival may also be required.

For further information or to schedule an Audition Appointment, please contact Tom Rehn, Entertainment Director at 724-872-1670 or email to

Just demonstrate that you've given some thought to your character's background.  You can flesh out more details during rehearsals.

Keep in mind that when we did this last year we were working with an interim Entertainment Director, Gary.  Tom hadn't arrived yet.  His approach may be different.  Gary talked to me briefly about my character, then had me leave and reenter the room in character.  If you sing or play an instrument be prepared to do that, too.  The more you bring to the table the more valuable you'll be to the cast.

Personally, I think if you and Lady Alchemy put in the energy you had in improv class, you're a lock.

Terry Griffith:

--- Quote from: Professor M on May 29, 2008, 10:08:50 PM ---Personally, I think if you and Lady Alchemy put in the energy you had in improv class, you're a lock.

--- End quote ---

Just leave out the forehead landings and you'll be fine.

kilted one:
Terry, I'll have you know that in some parts of the world, that is high brow humor thank you very much!!!


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