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Campgrounds Update 01/03
« on: January 03, 2010, 06:15:36 PM »
Only saw Dragon Clan this weekend continuing clearing their site.

I was hoping to see just about every clan out working this weekend, but I guess New Year's took a heavy toll on folks.

As a reminder:

Groups that have already staked a claim, please make sure your marker tapes are restored and clearly visible. The recent storm and road widening took out many of the markers. Also, please post a sign stating your clan/group name where you plan the entry to your area, so that we can get it on the next GPS survey. Group leaders please provide a contact name and phone number.

As far as mass communications, the faire has purchased several Radio Shack two-way radios. We will provide one to the chief of police who will communicate with his deputies onsite. There will be agreed upon channel for security and another for general communications. Once I have the group contact information, I will pass the common channel number onto them. For obvious reasons, we don't want the security channel general knowledge.


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