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It's really truly over isn't it...

I miss all you guys already.

Well, everyone but the boulders of doom on the lanes.

*continues soaking foot and ankle and prepares ice pack for wrapping*

So sorry I missed everyone closing day.

The wedding in Georgia was beautiful and I overdid it walking around there Sunday after stepping on the rock on the hill of doom Saturday. By the time I finally made it back towards Murfreesboro, the bottom had dropped on the storm clouds. My ankle started screaming at me and I decided to head home for a much needed nap. I did get to have a fairwell dinner with a few friends though but I'm very sad I didn't get to say farewell to so many others.

I may have to check  the superhero schedule and see if I can squeeze in  some more fair time this summer and fall.


oh, a pic from Georgia with the happy couple.

I remember those boulders. After slipping a few times on them we went boot shopping.

Sorry you couldn't make it back to TN Ren.


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