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responsibility of community
« on: January 25, 2010, 09:42:28 AM »

as our doors or gates are open, there is room for more abuse (ie. trash, theft, neglegence, etc) . . . yet, since the beginning of this venture, we spoke and wrote and talked about the ideals of what we were atempting to facilitate here in these woods--that being, COMMUNITY.

i am not a religious person.  i consider myself a student of religion and mysticism and philosophy and spiritual matters, as well as a dabbler in sociology and psychology.  and in my observations, i have become quite impressed with the LDS community--not because of their theology, but their sense of creating a wholesome place for families and children-- a place of responsibility, of morality, of safety and belonging.

they also have very strict expectations of behavior among their following.  they use "excommunication" and ostracism for those who do not choose to adhere to the edicts of their community.

our community here in these woods is obviously of a different sort: we are fun-loving gypsy types who dance under the moon and beat drums and create art and teach about the love in a humanist manner.  we build from our hearts.  we reach for the skies and feel quite comfortable with our toes in the earth. 

we base our lives and morality on simple precepts like karma/the golden rule, do unto others...and know there is a circle of life...and all things come back to us . . . thus, we should necessarily send out what we want returned.

as construction has increased ten fold, there are outsiders in the circle of sherwood.  and abuses have occurred.  we are tightening security.  it's a shame.  i am hurt.  but, hopefully, it will be short-lived. 

we are having to close the front entry.  folk will be required to enter where the butterfly and SWFF sign is. we will start patrols (police, as well, most likely) to ensure secuirty.  sigh.

but more importantly, we ask you--members of this beautiful community--to keep an eye out, to become our security.  this sacred place is yours. it is a place of fun and exploration.  it is a community...and we need to protect it.

we are taking these measures temporarily with the hopes that when a few violators are identified and dealt with...that our gates will re-open as they should be.

help us out.

it's all about the journey and the people we choose to make the journey with


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