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Meeting place for our visitors

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In the true tradition of herding cats, there doesn't seem to be a consensus as to where to meet up once we are inside the gates. The Comte de Gilbert has suggested that we meet outside the gates, prior to opening cannon (which is at 10:00), in the VIP parking lot. You cannot miss the VIP lot as it is near the gates, adjacent to the flushies and across from the will-call window/ticket booth.

We'll see you there!

The Baroness and I plan to be there shortly after 9AM.    ;D

Comte de Gilbert:
can't wait to see you there

À la prochaine
    -le Comte

Lord knows when I will be able to herd my family out of the hotel the weekend we come to visit (March 20-21) but I'll do my best to find everyone!

Lady Isabella:
I can not attend for breakfast, you will see me walking by with the King and Queen for the Opening gate show. (which is new this year!) So, where during the day can we all try and meet up? Time? Is there a favorite act we can meet up at?


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