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Lady Alchemy:
I would like to congratulate "Porter and Stout" on the great review of their "Treasures" CD in the latest issue of Renaissance Magazine.  I was so very happy to see them getting national publicity :D  I, myself, love this CD as well and still listen to it at least twice a week.

Lady Alchemy:
By the way, they also reviewed "Cast In Bronze".  It got an okay review, but they really liked "Porter and Stout".

Professor M:
Yes, nice reviews.  If you check the byline, you'll see the review was written by our own GypsyWriter!  So congrats on being published, GW.  And a big Huzzah for Porter and Stout.  I love that CD, too.

anne of oaktower:
Huzzah!  Well done, gentlemen!  I, too, have that CD and our very own "Pittsburgh (renfaire) Pirates" often sing me to school and back.

They kept talking about it during TN ren but the issue didn't make to the newstand till the end of faire. I did get their Live Pud CD, Three Sheets to the wind.


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