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Ren Faire CDs Released in 2009
« on: March 01, 2010, 09:06:45 AM »
Here are all the Ren Faire CDs we found that were released in 2009. I haven't checked to see if all are faire bands, but will. Meantime, do you have anything to add to this list?

“Castle-Queen's Side”, Queen's Gambit

"Dockside," Rick Nestler

"Serenata,"  Serenata

“Home Brew,” 3 Pints Gone

“Waking the Dead,” 3 Pints Shy

"5," Empty Hats

“A Kilted Christmas,” Coyote Run

“The Mighty Nach LIVE,” Albannach Live

“American Highlander,” The Rogues

“The Life and Rhythms of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, ”Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

“Band on the Rum” Pirates for Sail

“Bawdy by Nature (EP),” The Bawdy Boys

“Bitter & Stout,” The Poxy Boggards

“Secret Voyage,” Blackmore's Night

“Blood on the Boards,” Jim Hancock

“Blood Red” Blackwolf the Bard

“Doesn’t Get Better Than This,” Bret Blackshear

“Sea Dogges,” Sea Dogges

"Genesis," Cast In Bronze

“Celtic Mayhem,” Celtic Mayhem

“Drunk & Sailor,” Cheap Green Beer

“On The Salt Sea” Henry Martin

“Cockblock” Christophe the insultor

“Eleven Lives”  Circa Paleo

"Live in Berlin," Corvus Corax

“Come 'N Be A Pirate” Crimson Pirates

“Manticores and Owlbears” Dan Marcotte

"Vibrabimus!" Diabolis In Musica

“Faire Play,” Terry Griffith

“From the Four Winds” Iron Hill Vagabonds

“Full Frontal Piracy,” Musical Blades

“Happy Endings”  Merry Wives of Windsor

“Happy Songs of Death” Marc Gunn

“THE BRIDGE” Marc Gunn

“Heroes and Scoundrels” The Lost Boys

“High Sea's Drifter” Musical Blades

“Live and behaving badly” Johnny Phoenix

“Love Tattoo” Imelda May

“A Tribute to the beast” Ireland Maiden

“Twisted Path” Michi

“Twisted Tales from Twisted Thistle” Mini Glass

“the Misfits of Avalon” Misfits of Avalon

“Live at Pubs and Pirate Core” Musical Blades

"High Sea's Drifter" Musical Blades

“The Dance Goes On” Mystic Minstrels

“The Green Album” O'Danny Girls

“Dreadnaughts & Derelicts” Porter and stout

“chandlers wife” Queen Anne's Lace

“wanderlust” Rambling Sailors

“Rennies of Unusual Sound” knight time creations

“Samsara”  Wine & Alchemy

“Wild woods” Sarah Mullen

“Scoundrels” Lost Boys

“Scythian Live Vol 1” Scythian

“the crossroads faire” season's melody

“Gaia Rocks” Shawna Carol

“Shine” ShaeLaurel

“Awakening” Tartan Terrors

“Unavoidable” Tartanic

“Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?” The Dregs

“X” The Brigands

“The Court Revelers” Seraph Quire Singeth

“The Day After the Night Before” Dust Rhinos

“Far and Away” the New Minstrel Revue

“Wanderlust” The Ramblin' Sailors

“The Rovers Live” The Rovers

“Dance of Souls” Three Men and a Bunch Of Drums

“Tip Heavily” 4 Pints Shy

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Re: Ren Faire CDs Released in 2009
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 09:43:12 AM »

“The Green Album” O'Danny Girls

The Green Album was released in 2008.  2009 saw the release of "Wrath of LepreKAHN!", which was not a CD per se, but was released in the form of a "Ye Old Download Card"
Minstrel, Interrupted, Bard #400 (CD)
Faire Name: "Flo's Husband"
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