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Chippewa Valley faire

Started by Prof. John Bull, March 08, 2010, 06:32:17 AM

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Noble Dreg

So many faires, so little liver...

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Lady L

I heard several ads on the radio for this faire, today.  :)
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The Chippewa Valley RenFaire is up and ready!

Performers and crafters from all over the nation - and regulars from Bristol and other faires will recognize them - are beginning to stream in for next wekend - and the weather looks wonderful!

Hope to see you all there.

William Buchanan - Kensmuir, Shepherds Croft

Marietta Graziella

How's about an update on this faire?  It's been quite a long time since we saw news.


Nothing clever to say here.  Not enough caffine yet.

Lord Clisto of York

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So I hear that there are multiple invasions of randomness planned... one of them is an invasion of fae... if we can ever get ourselves all together... but getting fae organized is like herding cats..... nearly impossible.
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Prince Thomas

I just booked my hotel room for the night before so we don't have to travel so far. We will be there on June 11th! See you then!!
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Dovie Andi Sa Tovya Sagain


mmmm  since its such a short drive i might make it out for sunday depending on the health of my cat lol.  in any case ill be trying for multiple weekends. 
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I'll be there June 11 & 12 with AuntieGiggles.  =D
Amanda  =D

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Hopefully we set up a mini fae invasion as well for the Sunday the 12th  ;D 
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Ooh, I might have to make the trek out there myself. . .possibly incognito, though we'll see.
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Prince Thomas

Anybody know the weapons policy? Same as MNRF?
Feared Pirate-Capt. Oliver "Clothesoff" McGillicuddy
Romantic Musketeer-Pascal Lemaire
Handsome Royalty-Prince Thomas


I just saw on Facebook that the 2012 season has been canceled due to budget problems. I hope the announcement is premature and that things fall into place in time. If not, it's sad to see another faire fold (even for just a season).


Unless the land can be taken back from the bank (it was foreclosed on) there will be no more CVRF.   :'(
Most of the cast from CVRF will be at another faire in Glenwood City Wi.  The faire is called "Ren in the Glen".  We should be hearing more info soon.  The faire will be held the last weekend of July.
Everything goes better with giggles