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Lord Clisto of York:
I was told by cast at the Chippewa faire just a bit ago that is is being foreclosed on and will not be on. I have no information on any in Glenwood city. That was suppose to be the home of the original Wisconsin Renaissance Faire after they too went under some years back, but that never took place in Glennwood either. Waiting on more information at the moment. I have some calls in to mgt.

Lord Clisto of York:
Ok, I pu in some calls and it is dead. Funding isn't there. But the Glennwood city thing I know nothing about.

The Guild voted at their last meeting to perform at a new faire called "Ren in the Glen" - this is its first year.   I was on cast and at the meeting.  We (the Guild members) were informed the faire would be the last weekend in July only.  Admission is free - there are no buildings.  The land owner really wants to use the land for a faire.  I know nothing else at this time.  I will do my best to keep everyone posted as the event is set up.

Please keep us informed about "Ren in the Glen". I know the peasants would be interested in playing there.

will do.  one of the Guild's board members posted pics today of the site.  It looks a lot like the site in Twig, MN.


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