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Lord Clisto of York:
it is a new faire at the old location, The original faire moved to Glennwood City area, trying to get going there.

Ooh ooh!  This one sounds close enough to bring the kiddos to!  We already go to Twig and Shakopee but we want to see more Faires!  =)  Thanks for posting the info on this one!

so excited to go to another faire!  Aladyandfae - how about the second weekend?

Yes, We have announced the dates for the Chippewa Valley Renaissance Faire.  It will run weekends from May 22 to June 20th, 2010. 
We are so excited to re-open our gates and to welcome friends both old and new. 
All of our exciting news and contact information can be located at our website at festfun.com

Hope to see you there!




I'm in!!

I can do either of the last two weekends in May.


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