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Raibeart OShea:
Looks like NCRF is having one near Wake Forest, like last year, and another in Rocky Mount?  What happened?  I went to NCRF last year at the new location and I'm hoping that it will be a bit more 'filled out' this year.  What's up with the new one in Rocky Mount?  I can't find a lot of info on it exept for the poster on the NCRF website.

Maybe they're testing it out to see which location gets more visitors. All I know for sure is that the two faires are for two different time periods: The regular one is Elizabethan (she reigned from 1558-1603) and the Rocky Mount faire is Henry VIII (ruled 1509-1547). Though, I doubt there will be much difference between the two, unless they have something super-special-secret planned. *shrug*

There will be some different acts but many of the same acts will be at both. The layout has been changed so we will be more walkable this year at Wake Forest.  We are learning from experience.

Rocky Mount is a flatter site.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

This is my opinion.

This year appearing as Mary Rosin at NCRF

Yes, we are learning from the past.  The new Wake Forest set up seems to be a better one for Vendors, Entertainers, and Patrons alike.  Everyone seems to be happier.

Rocky Mount is a new Faire that was requested by the town as well as the county. 

King Henry's - May 8-9 and 15-16 @ Duke Circle in Rocky Mount.  This site is very pretty, flatter and more enclosed.  We are able to "cut off" from modern day better.  It runs along Sunset Park (for those that are familiar with RM) and the river. 

This Faire will feature King Henry with Kathrine Parr.
There's not a whole lot to tell, since it is a brand new Faire.  There will be new and exciting people as well as those that are current favorites!

Suggestions for making King Henry's unique are always welcome!  Mail me here with suggestions.

We are very excited about it.   ;D

I've my fingers crossed we can make Rocky Mount next month. I love that NC, as big as it is, is finally trying to support 3 faires again. I really feel like for such a large state, we can. I'm thrilled to try the new Wake Forest site, we didn't make last year's.


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