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BARF and a Future RenDezvous?


Lady Renee Buchanan:
Hi to all my friends at BARF!  If BARF is ever in the running for the RenDezvous, I just wanted to say that Welsh Wench and Lady Nicolette did a great job of organizing it in Tennessee, so if she would do it again, Welsh Wench could organize an awesome weekend!

And for sure, Lord Stephen and I want to come back to visit our friends at BARF!

Since Tennessee is considered the Southern Region, I think BARF is out of the running for a couple of years. But I could be completely wrong about that *grinning* it wouldn't be the first thing I'd ever been wrong about.

Count Adolfo:
Yeah, we're on the sidelines for awhile... and truthfully, I hear Carolina is lovely and has more amenities so might make a better venue first...

but we'll certainly get one eventually!


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