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Elves and ears


Is there a good way to explain to men why elves ears are leaf shaped or otherwise pointed?  When out, I keep getting asked that.  I usually reply to "Why are your ears pointy" with "Why are yours round?"  As a dark elf, I am tempted to state that pointed ears are a sign of education and class, but I don't want to antagonize.

Can't say I've ever run into that particular question.

Seems an odd thing to ask.  I like you're response.  Seems like "Because I'm an elf" would work as well.  That's the way we are, same as why theirs are round.

Another thing that befuddles me are people who ask, "what type of Vulcan/Romulan are you?"  There are obvious differences between an elf and a Star Trek race, even though both share pointed ears.  Even factoring out garb, the hairstyles are completely different.


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