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Well there is a very real possibility that I will be at LARF this season working for a couple friends of mine...any thoughts on what I have to try, see or do? What are the best things about this faire? I've never been and I am WAY excited!

The wine tasting was the best ever!!!  The Queen Elizabeth of this festival is one to not miss!!!  Chat with her on and off set, she's wonderful!  Their whole cast is really friendly and great actually!  Of course Mark Gunn is there and he totally rocks!  I've only ever gone once, but loved it!  Tried to make it last yr, but a wedding got in the way.  However, we will definitely not let anything get in the way this time around!!

:) Awesome! Wine tasting! Yes must try!

Ya, it's a great price, you get to try many wines, the lady running it is so informative, and the area they have it set up in is right by the beautiful lake!!

Pat McGroin:
One of the must see is.......... the BAYOU SCOUNDRELS. We will be floating around, just need to know where you will be working so we can make it a point to stop by.


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