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Fairy Fest - June 19th and 20th

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Benedict Browne:
There are some one weekend affairs in Virginia each month for the next three months that might help you:

The 7th Annual Stone Tower Glenn Renaissance Faire, Natural Chimneys Park, Mt. Solon, VA
June 19-20 and August 21-22, 2010 Admission: $6 per carload

The 4th Annual Gloucester Renaissance Festival Held in the picturesque Historic District of Downtown Gloucester, VA.

July 17-18, 2010

Saturday: 10am to 6pm, Masquerade Ball - 5pm-6pm
Sunday: 10am to 5pm

Free Admission

Usual disclaimer - Not affiliated with the company putting these on.  Not a performer at any of these.  Just providing info since I noticed that you have posted on Virginia Faire sites in the past so I know you at least get to VA once in a while.


Scott (aka Master Benedict Browne - Former Sgt. Trumpeter - Currently on hiatus)

today the NCRF facebook page said the fairy fest is SEPT 18&19. which is the same date they posted a couple weeks ago. But the ncrf event page says OCT 2/3. I sent them an email but haven't gotten a reply yet.

Benedict Browne:
You have to remember that the fae are mystical and sometimes mischevous.  So maybe if you show up in September you will be magically transported to October.  Or vice versa!   :D


Is there going to be a fairy festival?  The dates change, you can't get up with Donna, the website is horrible and has no information.  If you click on links, it looks like the domain has expired and it takes you somewhere else.  If communication is this bad, how can they actually have an event?  And if they do, it is so hard to find out about, I worry that no one will show up.  Does anyone have info on this?  Thanks

Fairy fest is unlikely to happen this year. If you are looking for a faire fix try, the 9th Annual Irish-Celtic Music Fest!/event.php?eid=141246408846


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