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How about some sites useful for learning traditional music?

Folk Music of England Scotland Ireland and Wales
Folk and traditional music and popular songs, with lyrics, Midi, tune information and history behind the folksongs and ballads. Irish, British and American folk music including Francis J. Child Ballads and sea shanties.

The Session
A collection of dozens of session tunes including music and recordings.

Podcasting Pipe (and flute tunes sometimes) to anyone who'd like to learn them!

Whistle This
About every two weeks a new traditional tune is posted to learn with sheet music, whistle notation and a sample clip if it's available. You grab the music to learn the tune and make it your own; then, record the tune on your PC and upload it to for others to hear and critique. Also includes "The Whistle University" with basic video lessons on playing and technique. See also "Whistle University" on Youtube

JS Sward
Lyrics for Sea Shanties

No Quarter Given
List of sources for Pirate songs

The Ballad Tree
Links to many sites for lyrics and mp3's

Thanks for the links; I will have to look them up.  I just got an autoharp, which I am pretty excited about using to sing with for fun. I know it's not technically a Renaissance period instrument, but to me it sort of has that "feel". I used to play one quite well, and I've missed it.

Lady Morna

This isn't so much a learning site, but it's a useful tool for musicians of any level of skill.
It's the metronome.
When I forget to pack mine, I go to
So I should probably give them a plug.
I forgot to mention, often times they feature links to other useful music tools/learning sites.
So check it out, even if just for that.

Phillip McGuinness:
Cantaria, 260+ traditional songs, each one with an accompanying mp3.

The Brobdingnagian Bards lyrics page, songs the Bards perform., a great traditional music site with discussion forums and where you can download the indispensable Digital Tradition Folksong Database.

THANKS Sandman!

I'd been wanting to get a metronome for practicin' with me didgeridoo. This is a BIG help!


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