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Heroines and Chivalry
« on: October 17, 2010, 04:38:17 PM »
Many cultures throughout history have established heroines as icons. Such examples are...

Athena: "Greek warrior goddess of wisdom",

Diana: "fleet-footed Roman huntress",

Judith: "Hebrew killer of great kings",

Boadicea: "warrior queen of the ancient British",

Fu Mulan: "Chinese slayer of Huns",

Bradamante: "Italian warrior woman",

Britomart: "British female knight of chastity",

and others..

My most important trait behind my Chivalry comes from the Heroine. As the many factors including the Courage and Bravery to overcome challenges as a Knight that are beyond human might, the heroines influence gives me the spiritual power to overcome challenges with ease.

And as the Heroine has these influencial abilities to follow in overcoming these challenges which are humanly impossible, I look up to the Heroine
for the guidance and courage that gives me this bravery.

And with this bravery that the Heroine is known for do I use their methods in teaching other members of Chivalry that there are things which cannot be overcome with human might but can be overcome with spiritual might.

And with this spiritual might of the heroine do I overcome my foes.

The Heroine has been long part of Chivalry through the ages that are still apart of us today, and I wanted to ask if any of you have any pictures
of yourself showing the Heroine in you Jousting, Combat or otherwise at peace...?

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