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Renaissance Festival Podcast #127   Feature on Tortuga Twins             
May 18th, 2010               

Music from Curtis Loretta, Sarah Marie Mullen, Jon Baade,  The CrossRogues, Emerald Rose, The Jolly Rogers, In Our Cups, TomLori,  Queens Gambit, Bounding Main. Feature on the Tortuga Twins.

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Marc  Gunn at Texas Scottish Festival first weekend of June

In the middle of my Celtic  Invasion of Scotland This Week:

Tum Balalaika by Curtis  Loretta
 from Just  My Heart For You

Dance Of The Yeti by Sarah  Marie Mullen
 from Harpers Bizarre

Johnny Cope by Jon Baade
 from Cliche

Down in the Moor by The CrossRogues
 from Another Round

Four Doors to Elfland by Emerald  Rose
 from Archives of  Ages To Come

FEATURE  Tortuga Twins

Sardinia Song by Tortuga  Twins

Biddie McGraw by The  Jolly Rogers
 from Loose Cannons: The Jolly Rogers VI

The Dragon and the Virgin by In Our Cups
 from Foolish  Pleasure

Pas Tyme with Goode Company by TomLori
 from Dancing in the Streets

Ballad of St. Annes Reels by Queens Gambit
 from En  Passant

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Fareweel Tae Tarwathie by Bounding  Main
 from Going  Overboard

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P.S.  Sorry about the lateness of this, I could have sworn I did it already.  Dreams can be a dangerous thing lol


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