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Arsinoe Selene:
I'm in SF East Bay. I'm probably not going to NorCalRenFaire, though. Too expencive.

I just went to NorCal Pirate Fest.

I will be there the weekend of sept. 27 can't wait. The faire in So. Lake Tahoe was great, great faire and great weather. ;D

Lady Toadflinger:
Yo! Sorry I'm late, but I just now stumbled on the roll call.  I'm from the Placerville area. Just got back from Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre, and the weather was pretty good.  We left before it got too hot, and after we had spent what we could afford, on stuff we really needed. ;D I wasn't planning on attending Northern this year since our gang will be going to the Las Vegas Faire this in Oct... but I found out today that some of our gang would like to go to Northern anyway. So...maybe.  There would be six of us.

planning on going for Celtic Weekend...the weekend of the 20th.  I haven't been to this fair in ages, so looking forward to it!

WHAT!!!!  Cant you see I am working on my beauty sleep :P

All joking aside, I think the Northern California Renaissance Faire needs to work on its net presence.  I have been to 3 of the last 5 and haven't really seen anything pointing to your web site nor these boards for that matter.  I like the others can find you easily enough through search engines and such, but if you want the masses to hook in, you got to put it in front of their faces when they are interested, aka, when they are at the faire. 

You might also want to look into hooking in with year around organizations like the Renaissance Festival Podcast http://www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com/ to try and keep up the interest year around, instead of just the three or so weeks that you are open.

Other than all that jibberish, I wouldn't mis a chance to see MWOW, I will be down sometime during the run :) 

John B.


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