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Yes, it's that time again. The Arizona Browncoats are proud to present the 3rd Annual screening of Serenity.

In 2006 the Arizona Browncoats, along with Browncoats from 47 other cities, participated in the global Can't Stop the Serenity campaign to raise money for the charity Equality Now. A screening of director Joss Whedon's Serenity was held in both Tucson and Phoenix, contributing over $9,000 of the total $65,000 donated.

In 2007 we did it bigger and better, raising $11,666 between Tucson and Phoenix. Each city donated 20% of their intake to a local women's charity - Tucson donated $1,094 to WFSA  (Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona) and Phoenix donated $1,239 to GIFT (Growth Improvement for Female Teens). The remaining $9,333 became part of the total $106,000 donated to Equality Now.

We plan to top it all in 2008. Join us this summer for the best events yet. As the background kanji on our website says: "Together we can end violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world."

Please visit the website often as we update frequently. Hope to see you there.



Now you all can buy your tickets for the Chandler shows online through Bookmans.


Get them while they last. They are going fast.

Hi. This is my first time logging in. I happened upon this forum because my family and I are devoted Ren rats that spend 10 months out of the year just waiting for the faire to return to town. Then it's eight weeks of playing, with us visiting at least every other weekend. It's great to know that there are others like us out there! Now, I'm hyped to learn that there is also a following of Firefly folks as well. We discovered Serenity a couple of years ago, and naturally, that led us to the Firefly series. In fact, we just got done screening all 14 episodes with our kids last week. I'm sorry we found out about the Browncoats gathering too late, but at least we can plan for next year. Take care, all! Maybe we'll see you at the faire!

Greetings, Francesca, and welcome to the site! It's nice to have a new "face" on here and we look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks, so much. It's so nice to meet up with friendly folk. I'll be sure to visit often. I'm about to start the daunting task of making new costumes for my brood for February, and yours are all so gorgeous in your photos. It's truly an inspiration! 


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