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Francesca! You're not too late! it's not until the 28th of June. At the Chandler Cinemas. There is still time. And if you are closer to Tucson you can go this weekend.


Hope to see you there.

Mad Molly, we're there!  Some local press we'd gotten hold of gave the wrong date, so I thought we'd missed it. We know a few other fans, too, so we'll bring them along and do our best to help make this a success. Thanks so much for the post - it's very nice of you to respond and give us the accurate info, and also to hear from like-spirited folks willing to share the fun. Hoping to see you there, too!

Francesca- will you be at Tucson's or Chandler's? I'll be at Tucson's.

Hi, Mad Molly.
We'll be at the Chandler one, so sadly,we won't be running into you. Still looking forward to it, though, and we've been rounding up a few friends to go with us and  brushing up on a few Whedonisms. The 'verse keeps growing!

Yay! Friends, lots of friends! The more the merrier. Francesca- buy a raffle ticket for the Buffy basket. I hear they put a lot of stuff in it. It is supposed to rock! But I know the girl that does the raffle baskets and last year her baskets were so fantastic. Sadly and alas, I did not win one.

Have fun! I will be sad not to meet you and your friends. But we will be having a shiny time in Tucson.


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