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Renaissance Festival Podcast #130  Feature on Jerry Barry of RESCU

June 8th, 2010

Music from Bedlam Bards, Flying Fish Sailors, Craig of  Farrington, Minstrosity, Queens Gambit, Phil Johnson, Feature on Jerry  Barry of RESCU, Hey Nunnie Nunnie, Minstrels of Mayhem, The Limeybirds,  Marc Gunn, The Rosewood Guild, Siler and Clarc.

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Campbells Farewell to Red Gap / Newcastle by Bedlam Bards
 from Furious  Fancies

Haul U-Haul Haul by Flying  Fish Sailors
 from Loch  Ness Monster

Delightful Devorah And Sinful Saiid by Craig of Farrington
 from 20  Years of Spicy Delights

What Would You Do If You Married A Soldier / Harvest Home by Minstrosity
 from Why Am I  Not Surprised?

Blackbird by Queens Gambit
 from Pawn  to King Four

Cyclops by Phil Johnson
 from Encore for a Queen FEATURE  Feature on Jerry  Barry of RESCU

Endearing Young Charms by Hey  Nunnie Nunnie
 from Encore for a Queen Podcast Promo from Technorama

Groundhog Day by Minstrels  of Mayhem
 from Blind Mans Bluff

The Ballad of Lily  Sam by The Limeybirds
 from The  Naked Album

Gollum Blues by Marc Gunn
 from What  Color Is Your Dragon?

The Ashgrove by The  Rosewood Guild
 from Forever  and a Day We want your comments and suggestions. Email us at We want to thank everyone who  listens to this podcast, tells their friends, and interacts with us on  our various forums. A very special thanks to those who financially  support the podcast by making donations or through your purchases of  music through

The Loving Time by Siler and Clarc
 from A Little  Longer   

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