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Casa Loma anyone?

Started by Hausfrau Monica, June 13, 2010, 09:12:05 PM

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Hausfrau Monica

Several of us are very excited that we will be able to attend Casa Loma this season for the first time.

What should we look for and be sure not to miss?  Parking suggestions?  Is there a good place to get into garb or should we plan to drive down mostly dressed?

Anyone else planning to be there?


You know I will be there Monica....looking forward to meeting you finally, and Aelynn. I will have everything on except my corset, that is usually how I travel :)  I have never been there myself so will be doing some 'googling'

Lady Caroline

I was there as soon as they opened 2 years ago, because parking is limited right out front.  I'm not sure if they have overflow parking somewhere else though...... but it's great to park in the actual lot out front, less of a walk of course.  Parking fills up quickly, and by the end of the day, there was still a massive line of bodies waiting to get in, wrapped around the building, and the lot was an absolute mess to get in and out of.  Be there before they open, and you should miss all this.

My highlight was the "secret" garden walkway behind the castle.  It winds down the hill and through the woods, away from the festivities, but it's a beautiful little walk to get away from the crowds a bit :)


There is also a parking lot a block south of the bottom of the Baldwin steps. Yes, the steps are a bit of a hike, but you avoid the hassle of trying to get parking in the itty bitty Casa Loma parking lot. There's plenty of benches to sit and rest, and there's even drinking fountains along the way.

Hausfrau Monica

Will you be there Chris?  Are you on cast?


No, I'm not going this year. I've got mono and it looks like I'll still be in recovery at that point.

Hausfrau Monica

Oh no!  Did you just get it?  My son had it last year.  The only thing that you can really do is rest, rest, if your body is letting you do anything other than that at the moment (ha!).  Be kind to yourself and eat well.  All the best to you and we will miss you there.