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Wine Tasting anyone?


So I just called the Merchant Prince today (the people that run the Wine Tasting and King's Feast) and for the 25th they have about about 11 spots left for the three time slots.  I am going to the 5pm Tasting on Saturday October 25th.  Does anyone else want to go?  Ok in reality they only have 8 spots left as I, Riot, and her friend James are taking three of them.

If you would like to join us at the 5PM Wine Tasting on October 25th let me know.  I'm buying the tickets at the end of the month so you'll have to get your money to me by June 25th.  It's $50 per person.

Lady Ann of Draycott:
Me! Me! Me! I do!!!  ;D

5pm Wine Tasting on October 25th!

$50 bucks, got it! Renmail me your mailing address and I will get it sent to you!  This time I really will, I promise!  ;)


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