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Renaissance Festival Podcast #134 – The Drinking Show
« on: July 06, 2010, 09:33:03 PM »

    Renaissance Festival Podcast #134  The  Drinking Show[/url]             

    July 6th, 2010               

    Music from Marc Gunn, Axel the Sot,  Iris and Rose, Blackjacks N Blarney, Brobdingnagian Bards, The Dregs,  The Muses, Joni Minstrel, Queens Gambit, Bret Blackshear, Bounding  Main, Craig of Farrington, Merry Wives of Windsor, The Lost Boys, and  The Jolly Rogers. Todays show is brought to you by
     Celtic Invasion Vacations

    Travel to the world with your
     podcast host, Marc Gunn,
     The Godfather of Celtic Music Online
     See the sites during the day,
     and at night, sing with me.
     Next up is Ireland in 2011. NOTES: Drinking show: We are half way done with the Faire season, but really  do we need any reason to drink?
     Renaissance festival Podcast is not responsible of any kind for the  drunkenness that may occur while listening to this.
     The Drinking Game. Take a drink when
    • There is a stumble, or screw up
    • Beer, Whiskey, Ale, Rum, is said
    • When Marc promotes himself
    • Marc plugs one of his other shows
    • When they make up some facts that are not true
    • For every time Kristen, Joe, Marc, Matt laugh
    • Take 2 shots if someone picks on Marc
    • When Wenches or lass are said take bawdy shot off the person closes  to you
    Celtic CD Summer  Blowout Sale!

    Beer, Beer, Beer by Marc Gunn
     from Kilted For Her Pleasure

    Beer Is Better Than Women by Axel the Sot
     from Tales  from the Tavern

    Bring Me Some Whiskey by Iris  and Rose
     from Bed Time Stories

    Old Black Rum by Blackjacks  N Blarney
     from Renaissance  Festival Podcast Compilation and Dancing  the Hempin Jig

    Old Dun Cow (MacIntyre!) by Brobdingnagian  Bards
     from The Holy  Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

    God Hates A Whiskey Waster by The  Dregs
     from Are You  Gonna Drink That?

    Whiskey Youre the Devil by The Muses
     from The  Muses  Live!

    Whiskey and Beer by Joni  Minstrel
     from Joni  Minstrel Kicks the King

    Whiskey In The Jar by Queens  Gambit
     from En  Passant

    Drinking Stories by Bret  Blackshear
     from Fingers,  Frets, and Fire

    Pass the Mug by Bounding  Main
     from Going  Overboard

    The 3 Song by Craig of  Farrington
     from Blue  upon blue

    Devil and the Knight by The Merry  Wives of Windsor
     from Heres To The  Men

    We Never Drink By The Lost  Boys
     from The Lost  Boys

    One for the Road by The  Jolly Rogers
     from X Marks the Spot 

    Podcast: Play in new window  | Download 

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    Re: Renaissance Festival Podcast #134 – The Drinking Show
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    Yay Converter back :)

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    Re: Renaissance Festival Podcast #134 – The Drinking Show
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    just kicking this one back to the top so people see the latest podcast first


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